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ES share video for “Severed”, debut album “Less of Everything” out now via Upset The Rhythm

July 11, 2020
Photo credit: Poppy Cockburn


Share new video for “Severed”

Debut album Less of Everything
out now via Upset the Rhythm

London synth punk four-piece Es have shared a new video for “Severed”, taken from their debut album Less of Everything, out now via Upset The Rhythm.

Made by the band during the early stages of lockdown, the video captures Maria Cecilia Tedemalm (vocals), Katy Cotterell (bass), Tamsin M. Leach (drums) and Flora Watters (keyboards) adapting to their newfound reality, in a scene that echoes the original themes of the song. Disillusionment and powerlessness.

Es say of the track and video, “It’s safe to say that Severed took on a new meaning for Es this spring, as, like many other bands, it has been some months since we’ve been all together and able to play.”

They continue… “Our vocalist Maria originally wrote the lyrics with the idea of ‘distance’ in mind: not physically, but psychologically. That distance between what we desire from our relationships versus how they actually are, and the powerlessness that you can feel in trying to make your desires understood. Quarantine presented us with a different sense of being ‘severed’ and helped us crystallise a concept for this video. Rather than trying to hide the fact we were stuck in our homes, we wanted to highlight our limitations and the absurdity of trying to still perform as normal. Each band member self-directed their footage and then Maria, who also directed our video for Chemical, edited it into the final cut.”

Severed is a sultry, alluring arrangement. Hypnotic synth waves pull the audience, commanding their attention with the build-up of a buoyant bass beat, bashing drums, and the most gritty lyrics and compelling vocals. Es are punk warriors at their core, their attitude seeps out into their forceful orchestrations.  A powerful exploration by the musicians results in a contemplative fusion of art-rock, new wave and pure punk. The brash dynamics allude to punchy instrumentation and lyrics that mesmerize. ‘Severed‘ is savage, a brazen composition from an act you need to follow. The expressiveness and expansive atmosphere that Es create is enough to consume you.

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