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Emma Ruth Rundle Shares New Single “Staying Power”- An Outtake From “On Dark Horses”

July 1, 2020


The single is an outtake from 2018’s triumph On Dark Horses and is streaming now

One of alternative music’s most prolific songwriters, Emma Ruth Rundle has surfaced with a never-before-heard song, “Staying Power.”  The track was recorded as part of 2018’s On Dark Horses studio session but didn’t appear on the paramount recording. 

Now, the steadfast single has surfaced on streaming services (and will appear on Bandcamp with all sales proceeds will going directly to the artist this Friday, July 3rd)—  stream/purchase/download here:

Emma Ruth Rundle comments: “There is very little mystery as to what this song is about. The lyrics are not metaphorical. It’s about being a touring musician and trying to survive, to conjure the self discipline to go on without sacrificing sensitivity. How we can become hardened as a result of constantly selling our feelings, how I didn’t want that to happen to me but could feel the callousness building. It’s also about the financial feast or famine and whether a little immediate monetary gain is worth the expenditure of youth. It’s about wondering how long I might be allowed to do this and the fear that it could end at any moment—  with Covid, the song has some renewed relevance in that regard. It talks about what it means to endure and what the rewards and consequences of such persistence might be.” 

A desolate yet intricate atmosphere is created within the first dwindling notes of the arrangement; the structure of the new single abrasively forms then Emma boldly and courageously shares her first vocal notes. The lyrics speak volumes, you linger on each word that Emma projects as the musical intensity closes in, the outlook gets darker, the instrumentation gains serious gritty traction, as the disarray and power erupt so contagiously on this track, the more chaotic “Staying Power” becomes, the more proudly captivating this powerful track resonates to its audience.

As it’s been for many artists, 2020 was cut short for Emma Ruth Rundle; she’d just finished a North American tour with Cult of Luna when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in the states, and was confirmed as a curator of the monumental Roadburn Festival that has since been rescheduled to 2021.  With the newfound time at home, Rundle decided to release previously unheard “Staying Power” as its lyrics rang true once again.  The tracks from this 2018 On Dark Horses recording session feature Emma Ruth Rundle’s most cinematic approach to her sincere and candid songwriting — they are as disquieting as they are ethereal.

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