Death Wheelers share new track from upcoming ‘Divine Filth’ album on RidingEasy Records

July 8, 2020

Death Wheelers share new single from forthcoming sophomore album Divine Filth

Canadian heavy rock instrumentalists The Death Wheelers share a new single from their forthcoming album Divine Filth via CvltNation. Hear and share “Corps Morts” HERE

Metal Injection recently premiered the video for the title track, which serves as the trailer for a fictional 80s sci-fi/horror film HERE

From beyond the gutter, The Death Wheelers bring you their second album, the soundtrack to the fictional bikesploitation flick that never was: Divine Filth. Drawing inspiration from instrumental rock, proto-metal, punk and funk, the band embalms the listener in their sonic world of decay, groove and debauchery. Surfing the line between Motörhead, The Cramps and Dick Dale, the Canadian quartet uncompromisingly blends rawness and power in their riff fueled compositions. Recorded entirely in 48 hours in a live setting just like in the good old days, this second opus is a testament to what the band stands for: a no BS attitude spiked with a heavy layer of crass.

Just like their previous offering, the album is devised to serve as a soundtrack loosely based on a plot synopsis of a B-movie:
It’s 1982. Spurcity is run-down. The crime rate is up and so is drug use. A new kind of kick has hit the streets and it ain’t pretty. DTA, a powerful and highly addictive hallucinogenic drug, is transforming its loyal citizens into undead trash. Its users experience an indescribable high, but it leaves them rotting away within days, craving human flesh. No one knows who is dealing this new potent drug, but rumour has it that the motorcycle cult, The Death Wheelers, is behind this concoction. Could this be the end of civilization as we know it? What is motivating this group of psychotic individuals?

The cycle of violence indeed continues with this sordid slab of sounds. So hop on, and enjoy one last ride with The Death Wheelers.
Divine Filth will be available on LP, CD and download on September 11th, 2020 via RidingEasy Records

Pre-orders are available at

Artist: Death Wheelers

Album: Divine Filth

Label: RidingEasy Records

Release Date: Sept 11th, 2020

01. Welcome to Spurcity

02. Ditchfinder General

03. DTA (Suicycle Tendencies)

04. Divine Filth

05. Lobotomobile

06. Corps Morts

07. Murder Machines

08. Motörgasm (Carnal Pleasure)

09. Chopped Back To Life

10. Road Rite

11. Nitrus

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