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Daniel God Damn Byrom Shares New Down Time Small Pond Session ‘Hello Friend’ | Video Exclusive

July 19, 2020

Daniel God Damn Byrom Shares New Down Time Small Pond Session ‘Hello Friend’

Video Exclusive

Daniel ‘God Damn’ Byrom or DGDB for short, is the latest artist to join the ever-growing Small Pond family ahead of the forthcoming EP release.

Daniel is best known as the frontman of Wild Cat Strike, but now we are thrilled to share details of his new solo outfit as Daniel God Damn Byrom. The clue to this artist is in his new moniker- God Damn! God damn ,can this musician captivate their audience with the emotive power in his vocal range.

Daniels’ first single ‘Hello Friend‘ just came out and will be followed up with another single and an EP which is set for release on 27th August

DGDB is described as presenting a raw simplistic take on songwriting, drenched in imagery and lo-fi tape stylings.

Daniel is easily one of the most compelling singer and songwriters of our generation. Each new material that is unleashed continues to be just as rivetting as the last arrangement. Daniel has a skill to power such affection within his melodies, his lyrics and his delicate yet lasting notes.

‘Hello Friend’ is a sensitive journey that unfolds in just shy of 3 minutes. The new arrangement is such a creative process that is centered around observation and delivered with such serenity and honesty. Throughout the rhythmic journey, DGDB showcases a hypnotic fragility within his words, the intricacy of the vocals allied to the beautifully constructed acoustic guitar.

We are delighted to share DGDB‘s new Down Time Session thanks to Small Pond, watch the live video below:

With comparisons ranging from mid nineties lo-fi artists Neutral Milk Hotel, Daniel Johnston, sparklehorse too modern contemporaries such as (sandy) alex G and Phoebe bridgers; DGDB has carved out a style that’s as timeless as it is new, mixing richly unique and imaginative lyricism with faithfully honest delivery, the songs comes across like forgotten classics

Daniel will be releasing his debut EP ‘ Live from Sad Claire’s Apartment‘ via Small Pond August 24th. A beautiful 4 track record which is described as a snap shot it a world of warm tape sounds being encourage by soft acoustic guitar, opening up with a bountiful lexicon and Carol-ing organ. The forthcoming record was recorded on an 8-track tape machine through an old radio mic, recorded in Daniels’ living room, a pure DIY record through and through. The release is such a striking record, resonating in honesty, compassion and drenched in emotive appeal. A record to get excited for!



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