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NAKED ROOMMATE announce new album ‘Do The Duvet’ due 4th September via Upset The Rhythm + share new single ‘Mad Love’

June 27, 2020


Announce new album Do The Duvet

Due 4th September via Upset The Rhythm (UK)
and Trouble In Mind (USA)

Share new single ‘Mad Love’

Oakland-based minimalist post-punk-funk quartet Naked Roommate have today announced their new album ‘Do The Duvet’,due 4th September via Upset the Rhythm in the UK and Trouble In Mind in the USA. The band have also shared the album’s opening track ‘Mad Love‘.

Naked Roommate was originally conceived in 2018 by Amber Sermeńo & Andy Jordan — partners in art & life — as a playful aside from their roles in Oakland’s most dearly-departed ensemble, THE WORLD.

With a handful of twitching insta-sketches, each addled with late-nite D.I.Y. quiver, the duo’s side-hustle sprouted in classical easy/cheap fashion, as they were later joined by multi-instrumentalist Michael Zamora and Alejandra Alcala on bass.

Their debut album Do The Duvet proffers leftfield hijinks via punk execution, answering all the questions posed by questionable post-punk revivalism with sour lemon sneering and cherry-sweet smiles. It’s a fever dream, really… A flailing, sparking wire of hyper-compressed rhythms (breathing and synthetic), devolved guitar work and minced electronic compost. The resultant congealed groove is suitable for club situations and/or living space pulsations alike. Either way, the landlord is pissed.

Speaking about the opening track Amber Sermeno says, “Mad Love means dwelling in a state where all roles manifest. You’re the fool and the Casanova all at once. Ready for pain, pleasure…. it’s as timeless as sin. Love always makes our interior compass go wild.” 

Upset The Rhythm · Naked Roommate – 'Mad Love'

‘Mad Love‘ is a vivacious electronic euphoric entity. The song builds on intricate layers, rhythms and hooks. Soothing and sultry beats, tweaks and lustrous vocals push this track to new depths. Naked Roommate create minimalist music with a huge atmosphere, infectious and captivating.

More about Do The Duvet:

In their full form, Naked Roommate has not only become a must-see, ever-evolving live act, but architects of Do The Duvet, one of the most intriguing and inspired recordings to come out of 2020’s American subterranea.

Jordan’s beat programming, presumably inspired in part by recent obsessions with unjustifiably discarded electro sounds, manages to elicit physical response without veering into genre clichés like decay dance or Armageddon rave. Instead, movement is prompted by sheer playfulness and high humour: see the sleepily sampled City sax on “Fondu Guru” or the comically taut bassline from “Credit Union”, itself a dreamwork born straight from a lovingly held-tight 99 Records 12”.

Thematically, Do The Duvet bounces between dissections of bourgeois trickery, the absurdity of domestication and the recognizable insanity of living in this particular age. As narrator, Sermeńo’s vocal presence is time-capsule great: a commanding grand-slam performance, alluring yet switchblade-dangerous in terms of wit and gaze. So totally wonderful.

What do you really own, anyway? What if your home does not even exist? Why not simply Do The Duvet and answer these queries yourself? 

1. Mad Love
2. We Are The Babies
3. Fondu Guru
4. Credit Union
5. Je Suis Le Bebe
6. Fake I.D.
7. Fill Space
8. (Do The Duvet Pt. 2)
9. Repeat
10. (Re) P.R.O.D.U.C.E

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