MOON DUO reissue 2010 debut LP ‘Escape’ with 3 extra tracks- Out August 28th on Sacred Bones, digital available now

June 14, 2020
Photo credit: Aylin Gungor (2010)


– Reissue debut LP ‘Escape’
– Re-pressing includes 3 new tracks
– LP out August 28th on Sacred Bones
– Digital release available immediately

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Moon Duo’s long-out-of-print debut LP ‘Escape’, Sacred Bones is proud to present a new deluxe version of the album. The new reissue will include the original album in its entirety, plus three additional rare tracks taken from Moon Duo’s wild early days. It is set for physical release on August 28th, with the digital version available from today. Digital and physical formats are available to buy & pre-order now at the band’s Bandcamp page.

Reflecting on the album in March 2020, the band shared the following statement:

“We made this record in a rehearsal space in San Francisco in late 2009. It was kind of a classic band space, shared by a rangy assortment of musicians over months and years, behind one of several similar doors in a dark red hall. A windowless room lit by string lights and an odd assortment of lamps, the walls a palimpsest of posters and gig fliers. There was a grimy, burn-pocked rug, cluttered gear in various stages of use and abandonment, and the air seemed to hang in a permanent film of smoke residue and stale beer. We recorded to a 4-track tape machine over the course of a few nights – we’d just start the beats, hit ‘record’ and let fly. We had a vague sense of coalescence, or fomentation, like a glimpse of a thing in outline which you can’t yet see, but neither of us knew at the time that this was the record that would mark the beginning of our life as a touring band and would initiate our connections to so many (now long-time) friends, familiars and collaborators. Ten years feels like both a lifetime and the blink of an eye – measurable but impossible to quantify. These four tracks, and the others that join them here, are a snapshot of our earliest incarnation: flying blind, but high on the freedom of experimentation and filled with hope for things to come.”

“Escape” was originally released on Woodsist in 2010. Additional track “A Little Way Different” is taken from the ‘Welcome Home: Diggin’ the Universe’ compilation on Woodsist, while “Catch As Catch Can” and “Set It On Fire” are taken from a 2010 7-inch released on Agitated Records.

Track list:
1. Motorcycle, I Love You
2. In the Trees
3. Stumbling 22nd St 
4. Escape 
5. A Little Way Different*
6. Catch As Catch Can*
7. Set It On Fire* 

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