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Mirabelle shares video for “Betty” – New Album “Late Bloomer” out now on Simone Records

June 23, 2020

Mirabelle shares video for “Betty”

New Album “Late Bloomer” out now on Simone Records

Montreal singer-songwriter Mirabelle is sharing her new video for “Betty“, from her latest album Late Bloomer, out now on Simone Records. Directed by Frederique Bérubé, the video shows a group of high school students preparing for their graduation in isolation, each student celebrating in their own creative, intimate and original way.

On the video, Hélie explains: “Working with teenagers made total sense to me. I realized, after the fact, that a lot of the lyrics and themes throughout the album, along with my influences, were connected to my adolescence. I guess that I often look back on that period of my life, hoping I didn’t let my inner teenager, a girl full of dreams, down. When I saw the videos that had been submitted by the kids, I was blown away. They are so cool, so creative. ”

“Betty”, the backbone of Late Bloomer, connects the rawness of our adolescent self with the acceptance of who we become — and who, in ways, we always were. The first song written by Laurence Hélie for her new project, it was the spark in the void, the new sound she had been searching for.

The 90s alternative sounds of Hélie’s youth mesh with trip hop and the modern pop approach that colours all of Late Bloomer, brought to life with guitarist, bassist Warren C. Spicer (Plants and Animals), drummer Matthew Woodley (Plants and Animals) and Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux (Organ MoodLesser EvilChocolat) on synthesizers.

Laurence Hélie is a Montreal singer-songwriter who grew up in the rural Beauce region of Quebec in the ’90s listening to The Cranberries and Mazzy Star, made two much-acclaimed francophone folk-country records a decade later and then hit a wall. She calls it a musical depression. She didn’t want to sing anymore. She felt like a passenger, a pedestrian, closed in by her own genre. Guitar strumming made her skin crawl. She was convinced for awhile that she was done with music.

And then one day, she’s not sure when, she started singing again. Angry songs. Angsty. Not unlike the ’90s stuff she grew up on, really. She has a home in that sound. It was her emotional ballast, her outlet, her joy—everybody knows that feeling from their teenage years, right? How the music we listen to as we become ourselves crystallizes inside us for good. The songs moved beyond catharsis. Anger gave way to inspiration. Through some trial and error, she found her way into a collaboration with Warren Spicer (Plants and Animals) and began the tenacious journey of bringing these new ideas to fulfillment, to find a spectrum she didn’t foresee but was determined to find.

Late Bloomer is music unlike anything Laurence Hélie has ever made. It’s pop music sung in English, which is as natural an outlet to her as any—the way she learned to sing in the first place. It’s stirring, inventive and intimate. Born of a ’90s seed, but decidedly modern, spacious and warm. The album was recorded over almost two years, mostly at Studio Mixart. Spicer’s sonic touch figures prominently, as do the left-field synth sounds concocted by musician and producer Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux (Organ Mood, Lesser Evil).

The heart and spine, of course, are Laurence Hélie’s melodies and her voice. The same voice that sang cover songs in her high school band in Beauce, that won the Felix Award for Best Country Album for her debut, that people sang along with all over, that fell quiet, that she had to lose to find again. She’s calling herself Mirabelle now. Late Bloomer is out now through Simone Records.

1. One In A Million
2. Betty
3. Phénomène
4. Wall
5. Rose White
6. Teenage Dreams
7. Daddy Long Legs
8. Cheated
9. Magic Spell
10. Don’t Forget To Breathe

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