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Kestrels Announce New Album Dream or Don’t Dream Out On July 10th via Darla Records + Share New Single “Grey and Blue” featuring J Mascis

June 11, 2020

Kestrels Announce New Album Dream or Don’t Dream

Out On July 10th via Darla Records

Share New Single “Grey and Blue
featuring Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis

On Dream or Don’t Dream, Halifax’s Kestrels live out a guitar freak’s wildest fantasies. The supercharged shoegaze rockers’ fourth full-length album features spellbinding mixing from John Agnello (Sonic YouthAlvvaysKurt VileCyndi Lauper) and mastering engineer Greg Calbi (David BowieLou ReedTelevisionBlondie). Together, they constructed a towering devotional to tone with blazing riffs, powerhouse drums, and swooning hooks emerging from an enveloping haze.

The first single, “Grey and Blue” is a fuzzy, reverb drenched power-pop track featuring soaring solos from Dinosaur Jr‘s J Mascis. Guitarist and vocalist Chad Peck explained, “”Grey and Blue” is a song about being carefully and uncharacteristically optimistic and vulnerable. This song came at the end of a really rough period in my life and it captures the nervous excitement of that time. My thinking tends to get narrow and shallow during bad periods, and when I feel things start to change it’s almost overwhelming; I’m not sure if I should trust it, but I have to push forward anyway. It’s a good feeling when you meet someone who makes you feel like your eyes can open a little wider and makes the echos skip through your brain.”

Sentimental atmosphere flows so deep within the intriguing melancholy crafted in this absolute classic composition. The rhythmic journey of “Grey and Blue” starts with a sound so familiar to any shoegaze, post-punk fans and yet Kestrels keep you captivated by making their own mark within those genres – honing in on their progressive talents to push boundaries. Controlled yet contrasting deep drum fills and a vibrant beat pushes this composition into it’s fast and gripping demeanor. A colossal wall of fuzz and phaser elements develop, fusing within the pitched harmonies. As the textures of the arrangement are built, it’s the complimenting vocal harmonies that shine from the get-go. With J Mascis adding his profound mark to the heightened crescendo before the abrupt finish leaves you desperate to hit repeat. A bold and perfect collaboration.

Kestrels have created such a compelling release, with uplifting roots, this is a tonal treasure. The release is a purely sonic exploration that consumes you- this enthralling new arrangement is dynamic, driving, and incredibly desirable.

Dream Or Don’t Dream was largely written on the sofa of Ash‘s Tim Wheeler, but Wheeler is not the only guitar aficionado that Peck has in his contact list. “J Mascis plays two solos on this song. It’s still weird to say that out loud,” Peck explains. “We opened for Dinosaur Jr at this wild secret show in Amherst, MA. I met Luisa, J’s wife, and his longtime engineer Justin Pizzoferrato there. Luisa invited us over to their place and J gave us a tour of his studio and just kept handing me different guitars to try out (“This was what I used when I recorded “Out There”…). It was surreal. When we were tracking this song, Justin mentioned that it would be a good song for J to play on and he set it up for me. Thanks Justin! Thanks J! He did 7 takes and they are all incredible. Maybe I’ll release the other 6 takes someday.”

1. Vanishing Point
2. Grey and Blue (feat. J Mascis)
3. It’s a Secret
4. Don’t Dream
5. A Way Out
6. Everything is New
7. Dalloway
8. Keep it Close
9. Feels Like the End
10. Say Less

Dream Or Don’t Dream is out on July 10th on Darla Records. It is available for pre-order here.

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