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Flies Are Spies From Hell Release New Album “Final Quiet” | Album Feature

June 9, 2020

Flies Are Spies From Hell Release New Album “Final Quiet

Flies Are Spies From Hell released their outstanding new album ‘Final Quiet’ at the start of May 2020- easily, this is one of the most reflective, and courageous piece of tentative orchestral movements. Their third studio album and refreshing new venture share the theme of endings throughout the piece. The 6 track album shares the loss of loved ones, the end of relationships, the drifting away of friendships. A bold theme runs strongly throughout. It pushes the theme into its dynamic and heavy delivery.

Flies Are Spies From Hell continue to craft awe-inspiring notes- they’ve curated heartfelt emotive instrumentation. They’ve ticked so many boxes when it comes to genres- post-rock, experimental, ambient etc; and yet they make something so wholesome, something so unique they can hold their own. They delve so deep into creating complex compositions, crafting a compelling journey within their 6 track album that will expose your emotions.

Resonating piano keys play havoc with your senses- as they strike in abundance throughout opener ‘Nearly Saw A Light’- joined with the resilient flurry of sweeping guitars, crashing cymbals, and bold beats. The collective conveys colossal soundscapes and brave rhythms. In its entirety, the act have clearly captured a landscape of multiple textures within ‘Final Quiet’ that leave you mesmerized.

‘Last Hour’ starts with a haunting hook a serene orchestral piece starts before enveloping into a typhoon of textures. With powerful washes of guitars, fierce feedback, and jaunty keys. A track which quickly heightens up momentum and tension before abruptly ending the lasting atmosphere that was so powerfully built-up within the arrangement.

‘Always Bereaved’ showcases the united talent of the musicians as the experiment with dark drone-like structures, ambient elements flicker before their dark progression take control- another powerful discordant crescendo cascades over the progression.

How a band can convey such beauty within such dark and moving constructions is something else. Through the power, beauty shimmers within their arrangements. Flies Are Spies From Hell are masters at weaving such infectious hysteria of raw emotion within their outlook. They continue to destroy the boundaries of the genre they fit within, they embrace the emotive manner they’ve developed.

This record needs to be featured on some cinematic masterpiece, ‘Final Quiet’ is the evolution of complexity- it’s a perfect execution from a flawless act. The musicians continue to stay relevant within their field, they’ve crafted a release that will withstand the test of time to become the powerful classic release that it deserves.



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