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Drab City “Good Songs For Bad People ” Album Review | Gavin Brown

June 16, 2020

Drab City “Good Songs For Bad People ”

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Drab City aren’t an easy band to pigeonhole to any one genre which is extremely refreshing and makes their music even more interesting and ready to explore. The band’s debut album Good Songs For Bad People is a collection of vivid songs that combine haunting melodies, lo-fi beats and soothing vocals to stunning effect. 

The opening instrumental Entering Drab City is aptly band as it welcomes the listener into the world of Drab City with some off kilter sounds and effects that crashes straight into the hazy Working For The Men which introduces you to the bands sublime and woozy vocals in joyful fashion. 

Hand On My Pocket adds in some G-Funk and Madlib-sequel beats to an album that sounds exactly you would expect a night out in the bands hometown of Los Angeles to sound. There is also a big jazz influence on the music of Drab City and songs like the vocal-less and atmospheric Another  Time, the stirring Devil Doll complete with strings, Just Me & You and the sultry instrumental Problem are perfect examples of this and the hip hop beats that go alongside them works immensely. While the vocals of Asia dominate the album and work so well, the track Live Free And Die When Its Cool introduces us to the vocals of bandmate Chris and his vocals fit the track with consummate ease, coming on like a more chilled Tom Waits over some striking beats and guitar work and adds more layers to the albums sounds.

The wistful electronics of Standing Where you Left Me finishes the album in a more downbeat way but this works very well, the album brings exactly the way that it feels like it should. 

The songs on this album are perfectly executed and listening to it creates a multitude of moods and vibes which is always interesting and there is always something going on, even in the most minimal parts of the album. 

Good Songs For Bad People is the soundtrack to a nighttime adventure packed with a whole cast of intriguing and beguiling characters and so many different sounds, moods and vibes colliding. It is a dizzying experience and that is the ultimate compliment that this great album deserves. 

Drab City ‘s new album “Good Songs for Bad people” is out now via Bella Union.

Words: Gavin Brown


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