DOOMSHAKALAKA (Ex-Hot Club De Paris) shares video for ‘This Is War (And I’m So Bored)’- new album OUT NOW on Moshi Moshi Records

June 26, 2020
Photo credit: Nick Duckett 


Shares video for “This Is War (And I’m So Bored)”

Debut self-titled album out now
via Moshi Moshi Records

Doomshakalaka (aka Paul Rafferty, former vocalist and bassist for Liverpool indie rock band Hot Club De Paris) has shared a new video for ‘This Is War (And I’m So Bored)’, taken from his self-titled debut album, out now on limited edition clear LP, CD and digital via Moshi Moshi Records.

Written and recorded over a 10 year period, Doomshakalaka reveals a glistening collection of indie pearls exploring memory, nostalgia and loss.

This is War (and I’m So Bored) is an ode to negative thought and the ceaseless war that rages in Rafferty’s head to circumvent it. He says “sometimes it feels like all I learned in art school was to talk myself out of ideas. Ideas have always come thick and fast but there was always a better reason not to pursue them. The song documents a turning-point hangover somewhere in America that delivered the realisation that if I don’t change my frame of mind then I will never achieve anything in my life ever.”

With his wry wit and dry humour, Rafferty tells the tale of crawling out from the quicksand of malaise and boredom to tentatively consider tackling the problem of his own existence.

The video accompanying this energetic philosophical declaration was directed by David Kelly, a previous collaborator of Rafferty’s in the punk band Bad Meds. The pair had talked for years about collaborating again and Kelly suggested making a video after hearing the Doomshakalaka record.

Rafferty showed Kelly some videos he’d shot on his phone during lockdown, one of which was of a green balloon he’d encountered in the street and filmed getting run over by a car. The pair discussed using the footage as some kind of starting point and before long the concept was born; A green balloon crosses over from this life into the next. What would that look like?

Kelly enlisted his performance artist partner Alice Phillips to don the green paper-maché dome and shot Phillips expertly inhabiting the spirit of the balloon. Slowly, she comes to life and undergoes a transformation analogous of Rafferty’s hungover lightbulb experience.

On seeing the video, Moshi Moshi Records admitted “We’re a bit non-plussed” but Rafferty is certain that this is the correct visual direction for the song. He said “Whether you like it or not, David Kelly is a genius and that’s just the way it is. Plus he’s read Sartre and you haven’t.”

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