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Discover Mountain Bloom | Single Release Feature

June 6, 2020

Introducing Mountain Bloom

Mountain Bloom are a London based trio that no doubt will rapidly gain some serious momentum. The act record and produce their work themselves and have been since their evolution. The new and promising act have won us over with their first 2 releases and we can’t wait to hear more from this unit. Mountain Bloom consists of Niall Coffey, Nick Ellis and Aaron Scott. Their current releases feature some guest drummers too.

The trio have unveiled 2 new tracks, both of which showcase the band’s talent and fresh musical delivery. Listen to the captivating tracks streaming in full below.

Released at the start of the decade, back in January 2020, the act have crafted an expressive and stirring single which sits so on-par with the current status of the world.

With stirring vocals and alluring harmonies controlling the tracks’ initial progression, “Locked In” in its entirety is a completely compelling and immersive experience. The impressive arrangement has captured an emotive atmosphere within the notes, “Locked In” is a well-rounded journey from the moment the single begins. Those soulful harmonies engage the audience before skill-full and precise drum beats and shuffles soak deep into the orchestration. Darting and rhythmic instrumentation come together for the tail end of the track for a truly heightened and full escalation. Dreamy synth elements provide further textures and intertwine with the beaming expression for an effervescent piece.

The drums performed on “Locked In” are by Brad Vander Lugt of La Dispute- the second single ” Ball” which can also be found on bandcamp and spotify features drums by George Lindsay who also plays for Oh Wonder. Check that out here-

This band are enticing and we are excited to hear more, be sure to follow their socials so you can engage with the trio.

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