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DIE DAS DER Set To Release Charity Compilation “Without Venues, We’re Nothing” 5th June

June 4, 2020

DIE DAS DER Set To Release Charity Compilation “Without Venues, We’re Nothing” 5th June

This Friday 5th June, to coincide with Bandcamp waiving fees, DIE DAS DER the Birmingham based collective and record label will be releasing a new charity compilation called “Without Venues, We’re Nothing”.

All money raised from sales of this compilation will go towards helping ensure the survival of several independent Birmingham venues that the collective have closely worked with, that they and their audience love and money raised will support some of the brilliant self-employed individuals who depend on those venues and the Birmingham music and art scene for their livelihoods and are currently struggling due to the COVID-19 lockdown. A huge and fantastic cause, highlighting the talent of these artists who also depend on venues to showcase their work and connect with a larger audience.

The compilation, which drops tomorrow will feature 34 tracks from 34 bands, including loads of exclusive brand new tracks, live recordings, demos, alternate mixes, tracks not previously available for download/on CD etc.

Music featured on the release include tracks from: Modern LiteratureVICTORThe Temple St. ResistanceThe Nature CentreHospitalRadio, Earwig O’Bickerstaff, Mayors Of TorontoSheBeatRichard BurkeOdmansboxThe Humdrum ExpressTypical HunksSweet Deals On Surgery, Meadow Burials, Pale Heather, Lakhota, Too PisteFauxchiselsKendo NagasakiAngular MerkelFalling StacksSalt the SnailWAX FUTURESRat the MagnificentBlanchardSUEA Pig Called Eggs, Alex Keller, Haq123Knife CrimeBlack TapeBear with ChainsawWeird BirdYou Dirty Blue.

We support this incredible release and we urge you to donate on such a pivotal day provided by Bandcamp whilst waiving their fee’s yet again. DIE DAS DER continue to put the heart of music and community at the forefront of their assemble.

Visit their bandcamp for more info: https://diedasder.bandcamp.com/



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