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CASSICUS releases debut single ‘Torn’!

June 21, 2020

 CASSICUS releases debut single ‘Torn’!

Electro-pop artist CASSICUS – aka Ben Scott – has released his celestial debut single Torn, out now.

Combining honeyed vocals and poignant lyricism with vibrant, hook-laden synths, Ben has penned a classic love song that is wrapped in modern pop sensibilities. Lamenting a lost love through his years on the road, Ben showcases his expansive vocal range, sounding akin to the likes of LANY and Twin Shadow in the process.

Talking about the single, Ben elaborates, “the reality for musicians is very much a double edged sword. Musicians are happiest when they are working, but with their work comes sacrifice in their relationships due to absence. Often, as a musician, all you can do it chalk these periods up to a life lesson, to at least find a positive in situations that can seem anything but.”

The single has such a swinging vibe to the piece, with dark lyrics, it’s the melodic vocal harmony fused with the beat which makes for a surprsingly uplifting pop hit.

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