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Brian Campeau Releases New Album ‘Ambience Driver’ | Album Feature

June 14, 2020

Brian Campeau Releases New Album ‘Ambience Driver’

Brian Campeau’s Ambience Driver – a record of B-sides and rarities which offers a glimpse into Campeau’s exceptional compositional talents– is out now via Art As Catharsis / Small Pond .

One of the great hidden treasures of Australia’s music scene, Campeau’s music cannot be summed up into a single genre. His combination of experimental sampling, sublime vocals and intricate guitar patterning paints him as a virtuoso by any right. Campeau draws influence from BeckLaurie AndersonSteve ReichRadiohead and more, manifesting in tracks that flaunt elements of minimalism, indie-pop, folk and boisterous composition, all at different times. With so many flavours on offer, the first listen of Ambience Driver immediately sets it as a true feast for the ears.

I had a huge collection of material from over the years that I quite liked but had never fit on any previous release,” begins Campeau. “As my releases are always conceptual, these songs sat by themselves in the dark, and I figured it was time to let them see the light of day. Hence, an album of derelicts.

 Brian conveys a magical, ethereal ambience within his creations. Nostalgic pop curations that are powerful, fresh and emotive. A musical marvel.

  1. Benny’s Song
  2. Down and Up
  3. Garden Song
  4. In Agony
  5. Melodie
  6. Oh Two
  7. OK Alright
  8. Swipe Left
  9. Siiiick
  10. Fail Proof
  11. Must Meditate
  12. Risk
  13. Tried My Best

The tracks chosen for this album release, may not have made the cut on previous releases but Ambience Driver is such a personal and intimate invite into one of the most wistful artists of our time. Contemplative compositions, alluring, deep and provoking. Each of the 13 tracks showcases a range of Brian’s abilities, it envelops the listener into the expansive atmosphere that has been carefully crafted within each orchestral journey.

As the record flows, a new immense aura is constructed from one track to the next. The album articulates intrigue and emotions. Tracks like ‘Garden Song’ open the audience to a more copious landscape, with darker brooding tracks kick-starting the record, when the notes shimmer as in ‘Garden Song’, a feeling of hope shines through. ‘In Agony’ brings that crescendo and upbeat feeling back down to pensive, as raw lyrics and soft notes cascade over a delicate arrangement.

Tracks such as ‘Oh Too‘ and ‘Swipe Left’ bring an element of vibrance and playfulness to the record. We were delighted to feature single ‘Swipe Left’, back in May- the first taste for the refreshing collection that was due. ‘Swipe Left’ starts as a vibrant and fun, fully immersive orchestration. Built on tentative and audacious loops surging the rhythmic direction before drum beats and echoing vocals accompany this reflective piece. Campeau has yet again constructed a lush orchestration. The single crafts an ambiance which compels the listener, you follow the lyrical depth and come out the other end feeling some kind of resolution. Campeau conveys meaning throughout his sun-kissed embellished hazy proceedings.

Within each track, there is a somber layer that follows it’s own course. The darker elements are found within the reflective and serious lyrics, this brooding intensity can sometimes be overpowered by the infectious melody created but that’s the power that Brian conveys. The raw and honest account that is delivered in each track feels somewhat personalized, Ambience Driver takes down that wall and wraps you at the centre of these sincere compositions.


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