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Brad Stank shares final single ft King Krule collaborator Gal Go – Debut album out Friday 5th June via Heist or Hit

June 3, 2020

Brad Stank shares a final single “She Was a Tease” from upcoming debut album
Debut album Kinky Om is out this Friday, 5th June on Heist or Hit

Brad Stank shares “She Was a Tease”, the final single from his forthcoming debut album Kinky Om to be released via Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Guest Singer). 
“My new teasy offering is perfect for pulling out your garden chair and basking in the glorious rays of the sun, or even a hot steamy bath”, Brad notes. “Or maybe laying in bed readying yourself for some astral projection…”
For the track Brad solicited the help of new friend Gal Go whose musicianship is widely celebrated on King Krule records among others. Having met the elusive saxophonist at one of his London gigs in 2018, the pair stayed in touch with the intention of collaborating.
“Gal Go showed up to our show at SET in Dalston with his friend and photographer Daniel Ventura, who also ended up taking some lovely photos of me back in September,” Brad explains. “He came on stage with us to jam my song Maithuna at the Redon in October; we hung out in the chicken shop nearby before the show and kept in touch afterwards which led to him providing his sultry screeching sexaphone for the record. Hopefully there’ll be more to work on together some day!”

The new track provides such warmth- the release dazzles. The soulful composition is soothing, sensitive, and completely mesmerizing. The new release exudes sensual elements. Heartfelt vocals and lyrics over such expressive instrumentation. This is a beautifully powerful arrangement from Brad Stank.

The first opportunity they got was on his album Kinky Om, out this Fridaywhich sees Brad team up with producer Saam Jafarzadeh (Her’s). The record pays homage to pioneers such as Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo, George Harrison and John Lennon and delves into his learning of Eastern philosophy and the teachings of Jack Kerouac, Paramahansa Yogananda, Jiddu Krishnamurti and more.
“‘Kinky Om’ is a big hit of Sexistentialism! I’m striving to attain this idea of half – sexy, half – spiritual”, explains Brad.
“The title came to me one day and stuck! I’m super into Eastern religion, so of course the ‘Om’ comes from there. It has quite a few meanings depending on what you read, but I’m using it here to mean the ‘sound of the entire universe’, one of the Hindu meanings. The ‘kinky’ came from my persistent desire to attain this sort of half – spiritual, half – sexy vibe that runs throughout all my music. I’m sure a Hindu yogi would say there’s no place for sex if you’re trying to reach God, but I’m running with it and making the idea as beautiful as I can.”
The album also touches on the concept of loss. The tragic death of Her’s is a big theme throughout. It wasn’t the intention for a sombre mood to permeate certain corners of the record, but inevitably it did.
With a rapidly growing audience and 10’s of millions of streams, support from i-D, Complex, NTS, Clash, Crack, Pitchfork, Huw Stephens at Radio 1, Lauren Laverne and Tom Ravenscroft at BBC 6, and shows with Clairo, Gus Dapperton, Her’s, The Orielles, Brad’s future nostalgic sound is set for summer listening.
Brad Stank’s debut album Kinky Om will be released by Heist or Hit on June 5th, new single “She Was A Tease” is out now.

Pre-order Kinky Om here

Kinky Om Track Listing:

1. Kinky Visitation

2. Sat On The Moon
3. Breathing Like A Baby (ft. Ryshon Jones)
4. Ultrasensual Bliss
5. She Was A Tease
6. Stanky Om
7. Ah Hum
8. I Had…
9. Kinky Om

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