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Bonniesongs Unveils New Small Pond Sessions – Watch “Frank” Live | Exclusive Video Premiere

June 15, 2020

Bonniesongs Unveils New Small Pond Sessions

Watch “Frank” Live

Australia-based Irish art-folk virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist BONNIESONGS (aka Bonnie Stewart) continues to astonish us. The latest effort in keeping us in awe, is a new live performance which showcases the outfit in their most inventive capacity.

Back in September 2019, Bonniesongs released the flawless 11-track eclectic album “Energetic Mindvia Small Pond Recordings in the UK & Art As Catharsis in Australia. Today, we are delighted to share with you a live video from Bonniesongs, performing “Frank” taken from that album.

Watch the Small Pond Session live performance here:

The live version of ‘Frank’ starts with a gentle movement, a delicate introduction to soft yet determined plucks, as the instrumental accompaniment gets stronger, its Bonnie’s vocal resilience and beautiful, powerful harmonies that drive the emotion and vibrancy within this arrangement. Bonniesongs approach is heroic in this live setting, the melodies and structures reveal the other elements of the songs. The rhythms and melodies that each musician craft, feels like a stunning orchestration- reflective, organic, and courageous. The whole outfit come together to perform such an expressive and personal piece.

The video is part of a live album that Small Pond Records are currently working on. ” Energetic Mind: Live” is a selection of special live recordings featuring all the tracks from Bonniesong‘s seminal debut album ‘Energetic Mind’. The forthcoming live album will be released August 7th.

Find more info here –  https://smallpond.bandcamp.com/album/energetic-mind-live

Listen to the original debut here – https://smallpond.bandcamp.com/album/energetic-mind


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