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Wild Cat Strike “Mustard Coloured Years” EP Out Now Via Small Pond – EP Feature | Gavin Brown

May 11, 2020
Artwork by Melissa Kitty Jarram

Wild Cat Strike

Mustard Coloured Years     

Wild Cat Strike follow up 2018’s Rhubarb Nostalgia album with the Mustard Coloured Years EP and it shows that the Brighton based band still have the same ability to create hazy folk indebted tunes with a noisier post-rock edge and that mix works very well, as it has on the bands previous material. 

The luscious Mustard starts things off in a nice and mellow fashion but morphs into something with more grit later on in the song, a trait that does sum up the music of Wild Cat Strike. The double whammy of Toothcutter – Part 1 and Toothcutter- Part 2 follow and seem to split those two different styles into the two tracks with Part 1 sounding laid back initially, before a grittier vocal and discordant guitar approach kicks in as the track reaches its crescendo while Part 2 also has a calmer approach until a similar ending to Part 2 finishes things off with a bang, with that dichotomy between soft and harsher sounds on both tracks working well. 

The reflective Swamp is up next and is a heartfelt song packed with vivacity and is the perfect foil for Mustard Coloured Years closing salvo in the form of the wistful and short Beekeeper Song, a song that ends the EP on a high note. 

Mustard Coloured Years is a great continuation of the music of a Wild Cat Strike and hopefully, there will be a follow up full-length album not too long in this uncertain future.

Mustard Coloured Years released 17th April 2020 via Small Pond Records




Words: Gavin Brown

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