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Twin Stranger Announce New Single “Crushed” Due 15th May | Single Special

May 8, 2020
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Twin Stranger Announce New Single “Crushed”

Due 15th May

Introducing Twin Stranger– another promising and powerful act hailing from Wales. This 5 piece power-pop project is led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Alex McConnachie. The band’s sound is described as a mix of hooky bass-driven pop melodies, synth freak-outs and dreamy guitar soundscapes.

The act started as a bedroom recording project before Alex enlisted his multi-instrumentalist brother Liam as well as friends, bassist Josh Newington, Joe Tobin on keyboards and drummer Eric Karvik.

In February of this year, the band released their debut single ‘Tears Of Joy’ and now the band are days away from unleashing their follow up single ‘Crushed‘.

Ahead of the release, due May 15th, we had the pleasure in hearing the single in its entirety.

Crushed starts with a boisterous hook that instantly engages you. The new arrangement from Twin Stranger arrives at the right time. The composition the band have carefully created will uplift you, it will consume you and emotionally pursue your movement.

A quick-firing hit that lasts just over 2 minutes is enough to hypnotize you. This mitigating and memorable track from the promising act exudes infectious lyrics and pure passion from the get-go. The harmonious lyrics delivered in a way that elates the listener despite capturing a youthful and pensive ambiance. The track has a strong formation and a deep rooting. The rhythmic and lively persona shines through it’s darker meaning.

Speaking of the track McConnachie says:

Crushed is about realising that some people you know just love listening to the sound of their own voice and other people’s troubles and feelings and life troubles only really enter their mind for a split second, then they’re gone again. On a more positive note it’s also about summer time when you’re a teenager, the days blend into one and you’re just hanging out with your friends without a care in the world, just living in the moment.”

Crushed was produced by McConnachie and producer Todd Campbell (The People The Poet, Samoans, WYNT) at his Stompbox studios in South Wales.

Be sure to check out Twin Stranger across social media and celebrate the release with them May 15th.




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