Squid release video for new single ‘Sludge’

May 10, 2020


Squid release a lyric video for ‘Sludge’ composed from fan’s footage of their isolation experiences as requested last week. 

Working with visual artist Ali Amiri (who first uploaded a clip of isolation from Tehran) and Warp, Squid asked fans to submit a 360º video of wherever they were locked down to make a music video. Following cancelled shows and plans due to COVID-19 restrictions, Squid find a way to bring people together by sharing an insight into everyone’s isolation experiences.

Discussing the process Squid said:  “After looking through all the videos it was really interesting to see how spatially different everyone’s situation is but how they’re all tied together through the same feeling of isolation. Some videos were claustrophobic, others showed deserted cityscapes and some even featured other people but they all had a lingering feeling of loneliness and uncertainty.” 

The musical thrust of ‘Sludge’ was initially conceived during a soundcheck whilst supporting seminal post-punk group Wire. For a band who have built so much of their reputation on their impeccable musical taste and incendiary live shows, it is a fitting way to begin this new chapter. The track sees the band team up again with recently-awarded ‘Producer Of The Year’ Dan Carey.

Squid rounded off a hugely successful 2019 with the news of their inclusion on BBC’s prestigious ‘Sound Of 2020’ longlist. 

Squid are in a constant, energetic state of evolution which is reflected in the intense and infectious spectrum of sound contained in their propulsive songs. This wild and restless creativity points the way forward for a band with no limits on what they might do next. Keep an ear out for more releases due later this year. 

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