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May 1, 2020


1st May 2020

ArcTanGent 2019, we were walking through the fields towards their newest stage Elephant In The Bar Room, where we were completely blown away by the sensantional live performance of the then trio Pave. The live performance was a momentous feat for the band. Originally a duo, vocals, piano, and beats by Ais and Toby (of Chiyoda Ku). Their first Arc appearance was with the addition of a new bassist Freddie to the mix.

Fast forward to the start of summer 2020, Pave are no more- how can a band so unique stand out with a name so well used- we are now introduced to the sounds of Sang Froid. With the new name, the band has evolved again with another new member; Charlie, also of Chiyoda Ku has joined forces and what was once a duo, the act has now doubled in size and so has the sound. Together, the quartet have just released their new insatiable new single and video for track ‘Roadworks’.

‘Roadworks’ is the first single to be released by Sang Froid and the first of three singles recorded at HOHM studios in Bradford with Tom Goodall (Cattle).

The Leeds based art-rock band have perfectly captured the cathartic aura they harbor. The serene yet surreal vocals instantly captivate with their enchanting deliverance. The high notes and alluring lyrical melodies mixed with such robust and intelligent instrumentation exude passion, melancholy, and movement. Carefully controlled drum beats, crashing keys, and guided sonic textures all feed perfectly into this tentative and creative arrangement.

‘Roadworks’ is boldly beautiful and a completely refreshing listen. It’s a heightened projection yet effortlessly soothing at the same time. Mesmerizing vocal range assists in the completely hypnotic journey of this track. It’s resilient and raw rock. A transgressive musical collection fearlessly providing exhilarating and intense textured compositions. Raw emotion from Ais singing cascades over the dynamic and deeply driven instrumentation.

We are excited to hear more.

With the band continuously evolving, the music is described as running parallel to that; reaping influence from Deerhoof, The Mars Volta & Bjork.

Speaking of the single the band state:

Roadworks mirrors the feeling of being stuck in unwante company/traffic” – Toby (Drums).

It was written as a reaction to the mamed feeling you feel when you spend far too long in a conversation you can’t get out of, we’ve all been there” – Ais (Vocals/Keys)


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