Joshua Burnside Releases New Single ‘Whiskey Whiskey’

May 11, 2020

Joshua Burnside Releases New Single
‘Whiskey Whiskey’

Three years after the release of his award winning debut ‘Ephrata’, indie-folk artist Joshua Burnside returns with new track; ‘Whiskey Whiskey’ .

A combination of absurdist humour and nihilism,’Whiskey Whiskey’ sets the stage for what is Burnside’s most impressive body of work yet. Spurred by his fear of flying, an unshakeable pessimism, a pondering on mortality and a comforting liquid embrace, this latest track delivers a stark, vulnerable look into the world of Joshua Burnside.

I wrote the lyrics for Whiskey, Whiskey whilst on a flight to London. I hate flying and l would often suffer from mild panic attacks during flights. I occasionally self-medicate by drinking whiskey. Which isn’t really a long term solution. So writing this song was a way of distracting myself from my environment whilst dealing with these emotions in a more productive way. The song is about coming to terms with our mortality and striving to find meaning.”

The new single is truly beautiful, emotive and enticing.

Utilizing a unique blend of traditional folk melodies and textures, with synthetic and lo-fi sounds, Burnside looks to meld 21st Century anxiety with an all-too-relatable humanity.

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