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Inwards Shares New Samuel Organ Remix Of “Welcome To The Gang” | Exclusive Single Premiere

May 23, 2020

Inwards Shares New Samuel Organ Remix Of “Welcome To The Gang”

Just last month, Inwards released his alluring new 10 track album ‘Bright Serpent‘. A record which is so worthy of your full attention- it’s ready to hypnotize you. An introspective collection of psychedelic modular synth-led experimentations, ‘Bright Serpent’ was unleashed onto the world April 10th via Small Pond. The 10 track release flirts with electronic textures and rhythms rubbed up against manipulated recordings of real instruments, voices and field recordings to fashion transportive snapshots of an inner sound-world. The album features organic structures and the sonic sounds that Kristian Shelley, aka Inwards, creates capture the delicate craft that this musician exudes.

Now, a handful of talented musicians are creating their own masterpieces within Inwards creations. Fall into a trance with a new re-work of fan-favourite tracks taken from our own favourite album of 2020.

We are delighted to share with you a stunning remix created by Samuel Organ of Physics House Band and Slugabed. Samuel has re-worked the original second track from the album “Welcome To The Gang“, listen to the track streaming in full below.

Of the new track, Samuel Organ shares:

Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time delving into the the folk, ambient and new age catalogue of labels like William Ackerman’s ‘Windam Hill’, which often feels full of scratches and experiments. I wanted to take some of Inwards Modular work and weave it into this sort of hopeful Celtic sound, evocative of some of those Windam Hill releases, especially the work of Mark Isham.

The beautiful re-work to this already intricate track brings a whole new emotive angle to this orchestration. This compelling re-work comes at a time where the charm, warmth, and playfulness of the angular notes, shines a light into our bleak dystopian outlook. With Samuel working with the flawless track, introducing new elements and crafting an airy, uplifting edge, the end result is simply mesmerizing with it’s contemporary yet exhilarating finish. Manipulating Inwards notes and sculpting simulated sounds into this intensely detailed orchestration.

Get ‘Bright Serpenthere





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