IAN CHANG shares video for track “Zoetrope” – Album ‘属 Belonging’ released physically on May 29th via City Slang

May 21, 2020
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– Shares new video, “Zoetrope”
– Debut full-length album ‘属 Belonging’
– Out physically on May 29th via City Slang
– Available digitally now.

Ian Chang has shared a new track and video from his debut album, ‘属 Belonging’, which is set for physical release next week, on May 29th via City Slang. The record received a digital release last month, and will be available on CD and vinyl, including a limited edition vinyl edition, from next Friday – details here.

“Zoetrope” sees Chang’s crunching beats accompanied with evocative visuals by artist Luigi Honorat. Using visual forms programmed to be triggered by the track’s original stems, the video reveals a haunting AI presence that flickers with the myriad of layers within Chang’s complex production work.

Honorat explains: “When I first listened to the whole album, “Zoetrope” directly captivated me, and I knew it was the one I’d like to make the video for. The textures of the song are so rich, and many ideas for forms and movement came to mind. I tried to blend ideas that came instinctively while listening with concepts directly based on an actual zoetrope.” He continues: “The idea was to have a form that builds up the same way the image of a zoetrope would build up as the machine is speeding up.”

Speaking about the track, Chang comments:“Every time I see a Zoetrope, I feel like a wide-eyed kid again. There’s something exhilarating about watching static images become animate illusions. This song reminds me of that feeling, and has elements in it that evoke elements of a zoetrope: frantic pops that feel like blinking lights, reversed snare fills that feel like dizzying spins.” And on the video, he adds: “I had already been a fan of Luigi Honorat’s work for a few years, so it was a wonderful surprise when he reached out to me asking if I needed any music videos.. I couldn’t be happier with the result! It definitely captures the exhilaration and magic of it’s ancient animation predecessor.”

Ian Chang has built an impressive roster of progressive pop collaborators such as Moses Sumney, Kazu Makino, Joan As Policewoman, Body Language, Matthew Dear and Rubblebucket, among others, all while performing internationally and recording as a member of Son Lux and Landlady. On his solo work, however, his unique, expressive approach to percussion takes centre stage, leading a cyborg – part purring mechanism, part animate bio-mass rising from primordial ooze. 

On 属 Belonging’, in nine concise, largely instrumental pop songs, Chang conjures a personal cosmos. At every level, his music sings with earnest and deceptive simplicity. The album’s melodies are intimate, its rhythms rewarding, and yet, just beneath the surface glimmers innovation, as if the neurons firing in each melodic idea have become audible.

When Chang describes his creative process, the phrase “third culture” keeps coming up. Born in the colony of Hong Kong in 1988, Chang has lived a nomadic life. Stationed out of New York for 10 years, he built an impressive roster of progressive pop collaborators. Now relocated to Dallas, Texas, Chang’s discovered an inquisitive confidence that can only come from newfound isolation. Between tours, he dedicated himself to developing his international musical language, facilitated by a home studio and a burgeoning relationship.

For his first time in the aesthetic driver’s seat, Chang hopes that ‘属 Belonging’ may connect with those who have found a home in their not-at-homeness. On ‘属 Belonging,’ the sense that nothing is planned yet all falls into place allows us to reconsider what we really need in order to belong. In his willingness to start over again and again, to let the music guide him (instead of the other way around), Chang reveals a home without boundary.  ‘属 Belonging’ introduces a musical contradiction: complete yet ever-evolving, neighbourly yet global, precise yet instinctive, familiar yet innovative.  Ian Chang’s debut both satisfies and challenges modern expectations of catchy electronica. May we find ourselves at home in the paradox.

‘属 Belonging’ track list:
1. 舞狮 Lion Dance
2. Comfort Me (feat. Kiah Victoria)
3. Teem
4. Swarm
5. Audacious (feat. KAZU)
6. Food Court
7. 雀舌 Bird’s Tongue (feat. Hanna Benn)
8. Zoetrope
9. 醉罗汉 Drunken Fist 

Stream it in full at:


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