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Happy Accidents Set To Release New Album “Sprawling” 29th May – Listen To New Single “Secrets” | Release Feature

May 25, 2020
Photo courtesy of Happy Accidents

HAPPY ACCIDENTS Announce New Album, Sprawling

Listen To New Single ‘Secrets’ HERE

Sprawling out 29th May 2020

For 4 years we’ve followed the courageous evolution of Happy Accidents. In the summer of 2016 we first introduced our readers to this DIY band and have since seen the innovative collective push their creativity to the next level. As the act has grown over the years, they’ve developed their musical workmanship, and now we are delighted to be days away from their new album release.

Happy Accidents are pleased to announce their new album Sprawling, set for release on 29th May 2020. To celebrate the news, the band have unveiled and released their first single from the forthcoming release titled “Secrets”– listen to the single streaming below.

Over four years, two records, and relentless touring around the UK and Europe, Happy Accidents have carved a niche out for themselves in the independent music scene. Their records being a perfect encapsulation of seemingly endless youthful energy combined with their unique brand of thoughtful, wryly delivered lyrics. From their earliest EPs, the band have always provided the soundtrack to their own 20s, which now nearing their end, brings us perfectly to their most fully realised release so far.

Recorded by the band at the tail end of 2019, it’s the first Happy Accidents record that Rich Mandell (guitar, vocals), and Phoebe Cross (drums, vocals) have produced themselves, with no buffer between what they envisaged and what is beamed into the listener’s earphones. They’ve used this fresh autonomy as an opportunity to expand their sound into new textural and atmospheric pastures, often setting aside the guitar to let electric pianos and synths take centre stage.

The result is an album that has all the excitement of their indie rock past but in a much more creative and considered package. Cross’ presence shines on Sprawling, her sometimes smiling and always unwavering vocals are strikingly visual, while her drums are always creative and precise. Mandell takes everyday neurosis and turns them into haunting, swirling melodies. His lyrics a stream of consciousness that touches upon the surreal, but still provide us glimpses into the individual experience that has become a staple of the band’s style.

Sprawling is an album about getting out of your head and allowing yourself to connect with others on a fundamental level, both in close quarters and with those you’ve never met – with everything in the state it’s in, it feels pretty relevant right now”, says the band.

The first single Secrets encapsulates this perfectly, with layers of floating textures that continue to build until the release comes in a crash of power chords and harmonies. Rich states that the song deals with “feeling haunted by meds-induced dreams, and the magic moment when you trust someone enough to tell them about how messy you feel. The song feels like a good bridge between what’s come before and where we’re going”.

Happy Accidents craft intricate wholesome melody throughout their arrangements. Dark subject matters lifted by their all-encompassing vivacious orchestrations. Phoebe and Rich bounce off one another’s curations- their vocals perfectly combine to enrich their music- their vocal range lift each other.

This band have always been able to capture their crackling punk energy that thrives within Happy Accidents, this energy is clearly visible within their latest recordings, the wait for new music was so worth it. Angular guitar, noodly riffs and abrasive yet controlled drums move the new single. “Secrets” boasts just the right amount of anthemic lift- unveiled at the perfect time to hypnotize their deserving audience. We’re excited for the new record and the new journey for Happy Accidents!

This new independent spirit is also encompassed by the decision to self-release the album into the world unaccompanied by labels, hired press, or any industry noise. All as part of the release as an extension of the creative process. It all plays into a larger plan to have the means to put out music at a much freer pace, with the emphasis on making something organically, outside of a standardised release schedule. In fact the next release is already in motion! As each new era of the band unfolds, so does another layer of their story.

https://www.facebook.com/happyaccidentsuk http://www.happyaccidents.band/

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