HANNI EL KHATIB releases new album today & shares new home-recorded video of single “HOW”- LP ‘FLIGHT’ out now via Innovative Leisure

May 15, 2020
Credit: Asato Iida 


– Releases new album ‘FLIGHT’ today via Innovative Leisure
– Shares new home-recording of single “HOW”

Hanni El Khatib releases his fifth full-length album, FLIGHT, via Innovative Leisure. The album coincides with the label’s ten year anniversary, of which Khatib is a partner, and is the most complete embodiment of who he is as an artist. Produced by Leon Michels (El Michels Affair, Travis Scott, Mark Ronson, Lana Del Rey), the album is a record both dense and intricate yet direct and spontaneous. It is garage rock, it is hip-hop, it is soul, it is blues, it is psychedelic, but more than anything, FLIGHT is a brilliant Hanni El Khatib record that taps into the adolescent spirit of creation that first stirred him to make songs in the first place. 

FLIGHT includes previous singles “DUMB,” “ALIVE,” and “STRESSY,” and arrives after his Blogothèque Stay Away Show and his home-recorded version of “HOW” that was released earlier this week.

Listen to album ‘FLIGHT‘ here

The album also follows 2017’s Savage Times and his releases with Frank Leone (“Solid Gold” and “Crown”), his song with LA disco-not-disco duo De Lux (“Power Struggle), his two songs with first-generation Mexican-American singer/songwriter Rudy De Anda (“Plastered Beach” and “Jealous Guy”), and LA duo Pinky Pinky’s raw and exhilarating debut album Turkey Dinner, which El Khatib co-produced.


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