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May 20, 2020
Photo credit: Al Kalyk


Announce debut album ‘Androgynous Mary’ 
  out August 21st via Hardly Art
Hear “Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern” now

Hardly Art is pleased to announce the release of LA band Girl Friday‘s debut full-length Androgynous Mary’, out worldwide on LP, CD, and digital Friday, August 21st.

To introduce us to the act, Hardly Art have shared the music video for the band’s lead-off single “Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern.” The track  is a propulsive, evolving example of Girl Friday’s penchant for air-tight harmonies, rock-along choruses, and unpredictable song structures. The video, directed by the band, pays winking homage to the band’s reality TV guilty pleasure go-to ‘Rock of Love’ starring Bret Michaels, and was embellished with primitive throwback CGI during a feverish editing spree under quarantine. 

Of the song, Girl Friday say, “‘Amber’s Knees’ came together lyrically from bits and pieces that we’d all written over a long period of time. It’s the first song we wrote for the album. It has to do with the borders of culturally sanctioned dissociation and the willful ignorance we often employ to keep things functioning, which manifests differently for everyone. We wanted the video to be an extreme example of this, so naturally we turned to reality TV for inspiration. However, that initial idea festered into a visual fever dream fueled by our increasingly dystopian waking reality. As life seems to spiral ever further out of our control, we keep ourselves grounded dancing above a greenscreen sea.””

Easily one of the most exciting releases unveiled to us. This band know tone, they know melody and they are bursting with potential and some serious attitude. They create exhilarating punk rock with fun pop elements, their new single captures their creative intensity and makes us hit repeat.

Pre-orders for Androgynous Mary’ on translucent purple vinyl are available now. In the UK, exclusive LP versions of the record will be available on pink marbled vinyl with an obi strip and autographed photos of the band at select retailers via Dink’d.

The seeds of Girl Friday were first planted when guitarist Vera Ellen walked into a friend’s house at UCLA and saw Libby Hsieh playing bass on the couch. Drawn by her unique playing style, Ellen introduced herself, and the two musicians immediately bonded. After a year of playing together, they decided to grow their collaboration into a full band. Drummer Virginia Pettis and guitarist Sierra Scott caught wind of the project from friends of friends, and quickly jumped on board. The fledgling group’s chemistry was undeniable; writing and playing together felt generative and thrilling.

They released two EPs, ‘Tiny Hats’ and ‘Fashion Conman’, and now prepare to release their debut full-length. With bold, dramatic guitar lines and tightly wound vocal harmonies, Girl Friday negotiate the stress and alienation that comes with being side-lined from normative society on Androgynous Mary’an album whose title was inspired by“parking lot murals, divine intervention and subverting Western ideologies about holiness”

Taking cues from long-time boundary-pushers Sonic Youth, Girl Friday depart from traditional song structures, favouring the rush of jarring turns over the safety of well-defined pop taxonomy. Looking to queer provocateurs like Placebo, they cherish the frisson of incongruous musical elements soldered together: “really dark, heavy things mashed up with quite beautiful things, whether that be a distorted guitar line and a sentimental vocal or vice versa,” as Ellen puts it.

That duality dovetails with the thematic friction running through the album, the alternating despair and hope that intertwine in the fight to stay alive as any kind of unfairly disenfranchised person in the US. Written during a year of personal struggle for all four band members, ‘Androgynous Mary’ reflects the solace they took in each other — as a band, but also as a micro-community and a chosen family

Their songs are a testament to the power of their bond, and a gesture of solidarity with all those listening. Alone, we suffer under the weight of everything designed to keep us down. Together, we stand a fighting chance. Girl Friday place their hope squarely on that chance — on what we can do when we show up for each other, where we can go when we’ve got each other’s backs. 

‘Androgynous Mary’ will be released on August 21st via Hardly Art. Pre-order here:

Girl Friday are:
Libby Hsieh: Bass/Vocals (pronouns: Libby/None/If absolutely necessary she/hers)
Vera Ellen: Guitar/Vocals (pronouns: Vera/None/If absolutely necessary she/hers)
Sierra Scott: Guitar/Vocals (pronouns: she/they)
Virginia Pettis: Drums/Vocals (pronouns: she/her)

‘Androgynous Mary’ track list:
1. This is Not The Indie Rock I Signed Up For
2. Amber’s Knees: A Matter of Concern
3. Eaten Thing
4. Public Bodies
5. What We Do It For
6. Earthquake
7. Clotting
8. Gold Stars
9. Favorite Friend
10. I Hope Jason Is Happy

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