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DEATH VALLEY GIRLS announce new EP & share title-track “Breakthrough” | EP due June 12th via Suicide Squeeze Records

May 29, 2020
Photo credit: Abby Banks


Announce new EP ‘Breakthrough’ due June 12th via Suicide Squeeze Records 

Los Angeles doom boogie/dystopian punk/occult glam rockers Death Valley Girls are back with their new EP Breakthrough‘, set for release June 12th via Suicide Squeeze Records. The band are sharing the title-track from the EP online now. 

Speaking about the track, Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls said “Breakthrough” is a song we were super into then became obsessed with once we found the lyrics! They are about breaking free from an invisible prison. At the time, we were studying Damien Echols, of the West Memphis 3, and his ability to overcome being wrongfully convicted and imprisoned on death row for 18 years. He became a magician, master meditator, and learned how to astral project. We asked him for a few tips on howenergy, intention, and music can keep you strong in these strange times.”

Suicide Squeeze Records · Death Valley Girls – Breakthrough

Breakthrough instantly hooks you. The riff, the tone, the building wall of sound captivating the audience, the new track is a hard-hitting audacious instant classic. Hypnotic lyrics and complex grittiness.

LA’s Death Valley Girls have made a name for themselves by churning out a desert-blasted blend of rowdy proto-punk and primitive heavy metal steeped in cosmic idealism and third-eye consciousness. Their first new offering since tearing a hole in the sky with their 2018 album Darkness Rains comes in the form of a two-song seven-inch, “Breakthrough.”

The title track is a cover by Atomic Rooster, though the band discovered the track through a rendition by Nigerian outfit The Funkees. With its grimy guitar riffs, fire-and-brimstone organ, and combative chorus, it’s as if the song was originally written with Death Valley Girls’ brand of stark transcendental rock in mind. But it wasn’t just the pulse and melody that drew the band to the song.

It spoke to me because of the lyrics about breaking free from an invisible prison… we all have invisible or visible prisons we are trapped in,” says vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Bloomgarden. The song discovery coincided with the band’s interest in Damien Echols of West Memphis 3 and his ability to endure his imprisonment by learning to astral project through meditation. The b-side is another cover—a ramped up version Daniel Johnston’s loud-quiet-loud anthem “Rock ‘N’ Roll / EGA.” It’s a total rager, but it’s also a bittersweet song for Death Valley Girls as they had the rare privilege to briefly serve as Johnston’s backing band. Ultimately, the two songs have a deep and profound connection to Death Valley Girls, both in their spirit and in their aural alignment. Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to offer up the “Breakthrough” seven-inch in a limited edition one-time pressing of 750 copies on Half Purple & Half Black colored vinyl on June 12, 2020.

Pre-order ‘Breakthrough‘ here: store.suicidesqueeze.net


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