Brad Stank shares new track “Stanky Om” From upcoming debut album due 5th June on Heist or Hit

May 6, 2020
Credit: Kieran Riddiough

Brad Stank shares alluring new track “Stanky Om”
From upcoming debut album out 5th June on Heist or Hit

Brad Stank shares “Stanky Om“, the third single from his forthcoming debut album Kinky Om to be released via Heist or Hit (Her’s, Pizzagirl, Guest Singer). It follows previous singles “Kinky Visitation” and “Breathing Like A Baby” [featuring Ryshon Jones].

“Stanky Om” is about the “eternal Sexistential sound of the universe. A love song of longing, yearning and pontificating on what could be a supreme love affair.”
Brad ponders: “I’m sure a Hindu yogi would say there’s no place for sex if you’re trying to reach God, but I’m running with it and making the idea as beautiful as I can.”
Upcoming album Kinky Om sees Brad team up with producer Saam Jafarzadeh (Her’s) and pays homage to pioneers such as Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo, George Harrison and John Lennon: “I think it’s important to aim for some sort of timelessness. I want to touch people at the bottom of their brain.” 
Juxtaposing Eastern philosophies against sexuality, Stank is able to tap into the flow of a deeper human mysticism. Perhaps it’s not surprising then, that his upbringing was coloured by contrasts: 
“I grew up in the sleepy town of Chesterfield, in the shadow of the infamous Crooked Spire church. Folklore tells us the Devil himself came and wrapped his tail around it to distort the Godly spire after a non-virgin girl got married in there… proper Chezzy, that.”
The album also touches on the concept of loss. The tragic death of Her’s is a big theme throughout. “I used the music to deal with the situation. I also lost a friend from college to suicide and went through a break-up earlier this year.”
It wasn’t the intention for a sombre mood to permeate certain corners of the record, but inevitably it did.
Previous bedroom-recorded blend of lounge lizard jazz and smoky blues won him fans at i-D, Complex, NTS, Clash, Pitchfork’s So Good playlist, support slots with Clairo, Gus Dapperton, Her’s, The Orielles and the UK’s most trusted ears in Huw Stephens at Radio 1, and Lauren Laverne and Tom Ravenscroft at BBC 6.
Brad Stank’s debut album Kinky Om will be released by Heist or Hit on June 5th, new single “Stanky Om” is out now.

Pre-order Kinky Om here

Kinky Om Track Listing:

1. Kinky Visitation

2. Sat On The Moon
3. Breathing Like A Baby (ft. Ryshon Jones)
4. Ultrasensual Bliss
5. She Was A Tease
6. Stanky Om
7. Ah Hum
8. I Had…
9. Kinky Om

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