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Twisted Ankle Release New Single and Video For ‘Landlord Laughs’ Out Via Breakfast Records

April 16, 2020

Twisted Ankle Release New Single and Video For ‘Landlord Laughs’ Out Via Breakfast Records

Known for their bizarre theatrical live shows, Twisted Ankle have emerged over the last few years as one of the most unique acts in the South-West and one we rave about. Described as a strange mix of post-punk, dissonant jazz and macabre humour, they’ve long been a prominent fixture on the live circuit, supporting Mclusky, JOHN and Fraud’s across the last year.

Now the band are back with new visuals and a forthcoming new record.

Today the band share their first single taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album- absorb their track “Landlord Laughs“.

Although ostensibly about the housing crisis, it also exhibits a prescience during these lockdown times, mirroring the decaying social order of quarantine Britain. The track starts and ends with samples of the noises Boris Johnson makes in between words and a sudden loudspeaker announcement in the bridge appears almost like a voice directing a traffic jam. 

The band themselves state: ‘Landlord Laughs’ is a nursery rhyme about neo-feudalism – a kind of updated Ring a Ring o’ Roses. We hope that one day little primary children will skip around the merry tree chanting ‘where did you put it?’ and asking ‘Mummy, what’s a house?

With Landlord Laughs, the new single captures the intense attitude this act possesses. Gallantly showcasing their audacious craftsmanship, the three work well producing hard-hitting obnoxious tracks. Respectfully they give off this somewhat stubborn stance through their deliverance yet this just adds to the charm that Twisted Ankle effortlessly carries. Unyielding dynamics push hard through the brash and bold arrangement.

Back in 2016 we first saw a live performance from Twisted Ankle and it blew us away. This trio are a disgustingly heavy yet vivacious act. With the heaviness and aggression reminiscent to the likes of Daughters, and the power that RATM contributed, it feels like Twisted Ankle are about to cause some kind of revolution- now with the new release, their latest effort solidifies that statement.  

Twisted Ankle devours their own aggressive approach. They command your full attention and their forthcoming album due via Breakfast Records, is a record we know will ensnare and inspire.



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