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SURE Release New Album ’20 Years’ Via Weyrd Son Records

April 19, 2020

SURE Release New Album ’20 Years’ Via Weyrd Son Records

Discover the alluring sounds of Paris based trio SURE.

10 years ago, the members of SURE were traveling across France, Europe and sometimes the Globe, without ever crossing their paths. Their driving force was the same idea of adventure and friendship: the one that urges every band, whether they play extreme music or mainstream pop, to lose a few life points for 40 minutes of magic per day.

Michael, Nicolas & Gregory, the force behind SURE, fantasized about a dancefloor where Post-Punk’s grim could seamlessly mix with mainstream pop, and where hardcore fans could dance on a catchy beat. Now, they have honored that fantasy. The band released their 9 track journey March 20th via Weyrd Son Records and the record deserves your full attention.

SURE are masters at dark new wave enthralling electronic music and have just celebrated the release of their new 9 track album. For the bold and intense new release, 20 Years have captured SURE scaling new creative heights.

A bold, brash and visionary album resonating in pitched and lustfully layered electronics, and upon each layer and beat carefully created echoes an abundance of texture.

This new release hooks the listener from the get-go, it will continue to hold relevance and necessity and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Their indulgent electronica is harmonious and haunting, this album showcases the trio’s ability to transfix their projection on immersive intonation and full fabrics within their fervent synth soundscapes.

Throughout the journey of 20 Years, the 9 track record uplifts and soar with heightened electronic and industrial notes. Brooding vocals fuse so effortlessly into the addictive fast-paced dark wave backdrop gaining severe momentum throughout each track. This band have carefully crafted a dynamic and climatic array of synth-pop anthems on every level. Each driving composition feeds off how inventive this music can be, and beautifully balanced behind the crushing noisy exterior you’ll find emotive, melodic, enigmatic vocals.

20 Years is an immersive experience, layered, atmospheric electronica with a dark twist.  SURE have developed a powerful sound that honours a dark new wave aesthetic whilst retaining bold originality. 

Get the album here-

Watch their new video for ‘Another Girl‘ featured on Post Punk now –

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