Sébastien Tellier Shares New Track ‘Domestic Tasks’ & Postpones Album

April 12, 2020





We’ve come to expect the unexpected from the consistently inspiring Sébastien Tellier. Always one to detour into creative sonic adventures and leftfield lyricism, the Parisian pop genius today shares his new track ‘Domestic Tasks’. It previews his upcoming sixth studio album ‘Domesticated’ which will be released in May and follows the recent single ‘A Ballet’

‘Domestic Tasks’ is a world away from the dreamy electronica/yacht rock vibe of ‘A Ballet’. Propelled by a metronomic beat so relentless that it takes on a mesmerising, oppressive ambience, it slowly subverts into something more surprising. Tellier’s flair for the unorthodox takes it into a crushing squall of deconstructed industrial, before sparkling synths and keys soundtrack the uplifting finale.

Tellier’s lyrics play on a similar dichotomy. The subject matter – the drudgery of household chores – is as mundane as they come. Yet he filters that topic through a tale of fantastical, dystopian science fiction. 

“This song is central to the album,” he explains. “ It reveals the pain and anguish caused by domestic chores. It’s a harsh, repetitive track. It’s as if aliens (which I refer to as X in the song) land on Earth and discover a submissive, domesticated human race, and they’re disappointed by their discovery. This was the first song I started working on for this album. It was co-produced by my friends John Kirby and Daniel Stricker (from Mind Gamers), two big names whose talent knows no bounds. Nit also couldn’t help not giving his opinion on the production, and I kept all of his ideas.

‘Domesticated’ will be released on digital, vinyl and CD formats, and is available to pre-order here.

Throughout an influential career that spans two decades, Sébastien Tellier has forged his own unique journey. It has resulted in his track ‘La Ritournelle’ being named in NME’s list of the Best Tracks of the Past 15 Years, being sampled by The Weeknd, and collaborating with everyone to Jean-Michel Jarre to Daft PunkSofia Coppola and Karl Lagerfield. And who else has gatecrashed the Eurovision Song Contest in a golf cart?

‘Domesticated’ tracklist:

1. ‘A Ballet’
2. ‘Stuck In A Summer Love’
3. ‘Venezia’
4. ‘Domestic Tasks’
5. ‘Oui’
6. ‘Atomic Smile’
7. ‘Hazy Feelings’
8. ‘Won’

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