NORTHSHORE Release Brand New Track ‘Fairweather’

April 16, 2020

Brand New Track ‘Fairweather’

North-East England based five-piece Northshore are back with new track ‘Fairweather’, which explores parasitic, emotionally abusive relationships, whether that be with a friend, a loved one, or a partner.

Vocalist Dan Shepherd says, “The track addresses those who are only around when you can offer them something and then disappear as soon as their use for you is done. The song explores how they know how to manipulate you and your emotions in order to get what they want; sometimes going as far to feign romantic feelings in order to draw you in, and then whenever you say no or refuse they shift the blame onto you and say you’re the reason for the relationship breaking down, making you the villain.”

He adds, “The song explores coming to the realisation of how you’re being treated and finally snapping out of the routine and cycle of abuse they’re putting you through.”

With the release of ‘Fairweather’ the band are stepping out of their comfort zone with a new more aggressive, upbeat sound, while still keeping loyal to their pop punk roots. 

Last year saw the release of Northshore’s emotionally charged EP ‘For What It’s Worth’, among a line up change which saw vocalist and founding member Ben Vickers’ departure, leaving former bassist Dan Shepherd to take over vocal duties and the band’s childhood friend Andrew Thomson stepping in as bassist.  

With a new line up and a new sound, Northshore are stepping it up in 2020. Watch this space. 

Dan Shepherd (Vocals)
Andrew Thomson (Bass/Vocals)
Kyle Davies (Rhythm Guitar)
Elliot Parry (Lead Guitar)
Matty Waterhouse (Drums)

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