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New Fries Reveal New Single Release ‘Ploce’| Announce New Album Release ‘Is The Idea Of Us’ Due August 7th via Telephone Explosion

April 28, 2020

New Fries Reveal New Single Release + Video For ‘Ploce’

Taken From Forthcoming Album Release ‘Is The Idea Of Us’ Due August 7th via Telephone Explosion

Today, to announce their new LP, New Fries are sharing the single “Ploce“, and you can stream the animated video from Amy Lockhart below.

New Fries has never been interested in being a band. Yet, the Toronto-based experimental No-Wave inspired band have become one of the best kept secrets in the city, with New Fries gaining legendary status for their unconventional, ever-changing sound, and their rapturous live show. Is The Idea Of Us, out August 7th on Telephone Explosion is the band’s first new material since 2016’s More, which saw the band team up with Holy Fuck‘s Graham Walsh

They describe- What we mean is a spirit of abandoning ideas of what songs should be, how they should be performed, and by whom. We’ve never been interested in the tradition of songwriting—though we’re interested in musical elements like repetition, space, and dynamics. We have wanted our music to make people dance but have also wanted to produce the feeling of that being taken away from a room. We often work around these sorts of energy transfers (whether or not we name them this way). This space to make music in has felt wild and free. We have also contradicted ourselves. We are also always changing. In 2018 Ryan Carley (synthesizer) left the band and we found ourselves at our first juncture to restructure and re-evaluate New Fries.

This is such a classic boring story, we know. But immediately we knew that as a three piece (the band’s original formation) we had to turn to something new and open—the way some describe “beginners mind”. Anni grabbed bass (which was new to her), Tim grabbed guitar and a sampler as a new juggling routine, and Jenny reduced her drum kit to three pieces. We wanted to create a structure that allowed us to be curious about being in transition.

Never afraid of collaboration or change, Is The Idea Of Us is a product of working closely withCarl Didur  (Zacht Automaat, formerly U.S. Girls), resulting in a new direction, focusing more on space and repetition, finding the in-between and reflecting on it, examining that transition. The album is anxious in its repetitions and is unsure of genre, so much so that over half of the tracks on the record bear that very name. “Ploce” is more sure of itself and more focused, one of cornerstones in the collage that is the forthcoming new album.

Is the Idea of Us is the situation of musicians and non-musicians making music together, perhaps completely illegible in the music on this record and to the random listener. There are enough bands out there; New Fries insist on do it differently. 

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming 13 track sound masterpiece, the band have unveiled their first single from the release, today April 29th.

Watch the video for new single below:

The first single, “Ploce” is profoundly bold. An abstract composition which is abruptly angular, bountiful beats at the heart of the piece. The single is courageously rhythmic and totally hypnotizing. The enticing electronic notes and beats kick this single into its must-hear journey, fused with a stand-out gnarly riff and charming spoken work lyrics/vocals- together this makes for a melodic and memorable arrangement.

The tentative, synth-led, sonically huge instrumentation has a haunting chord gearing the track up for a monumental and monolith finale- built on the lasting lyrics and depth of texture. There’s something so radial with “Ploce” and something so free. How incredible to capture such passion.

Guaranteed, you’ll be hooked on this forthcoming record just by their upcoming single. But the album itself is a beautifully refreshing listen. The 13 track release Is the Idea of Us is sharp, creative, dynamic, and simply captivating. Each sound carefully constructed, each layer intellectually crafted and built, each lyric and vocal deliverance more desirable than the last. And at every moment throughout the whole record, this band have captured a different emotional and atmospherical element. A unique-ly ambitious and completely contrasting record that will resonate through every note. New Fries have created a legacy within this record, they’ve curated their own movement which you’ll want to be apart of.

This is noise art at it’s very best.

1. Bangs
2. Genre
3. Lily
4. Mt. Tambora
5. Genre
6: Genre
7. Ploce
8. Genre
9. Genre
10. L’Express
11. Genre
12. Genre
13. Ardent / Ardent / Pulley Pulley Pulley

Is The Idea Of Us is out on August 7th on Telephone Explosion. It is available for pre-order here.

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