MANCMADE // ACTS OF HOPE – 18 Track compilation album ft. Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake, Peter Hook (Manray), & more out 24th April via 42’s Records

April 22, 2020





Out 24th April, MANC MADE /// ACTS OF HOPE is an 18 track compilation album created & curated by Ben Guy from the band narcissus and brought to life by Manchester’s newest record label, 42’s Records, to raise funds for the charity MancSpirit in support of their Creative Change Homeless Project.

Having made a donation following an online appeal, Ben was left cogitating on what more could be done to help from within our city’s creative heart. His lightbulb moment was the idea to compile a fundraising album of tracks donated by some of the great and the good of Manchester’s music scene.

Whilst the primary objective was to raise funds, Ben was determined that it should also be a cohesive body of work,   featuring a diverse array of talent, at all levels of the Manc music scene, from bona fide Legends through to new artists and including many genres.

Lots of Manc grit and graft later and thanks to support from a wide spectrum of 18 of the City’s musical and      spoken word artists, from the highly influential and legendary, to the relatively unknown and up and coming, Bens vision has been realised.

Brimming with individual native and adopted Manc talent, the album comes packaged in beautifully fitting artwork,  designed by the 9th artist, local designer and photographer, Paul Evans AKA,, referencing classic Mancunian imagery and reshaping it into an iconic package which unites the contents.


OUR CITY— the “theme tune” and closing track, summing up the spirit of the project is the evocative Dave Viney & narcissus collaboration “Our City”

Contains contributions from: Johnny Marr, Maxine Peake, Peter Hook, Gaz Whelan and Rowetta (Happy Mondays), Brix Smith, Mark Radcliffe and many more 

MancSpirit—100% of sales proceeds from all CD’s downloads and merchandise will go straight to MancSpirit—Greater Manchester’s Mental Wellbeing Charity—to support their ‘Creative Change’ project. 

Damian Carr, Co-founder, MancSpirit, “Everything we do is aimed at improving mental wellbeing by creating social connections, providing entertainment and offering people the opportunity to join in, make friends and have fun” 

“Our ‘Creative Change’ project started with us visiting people struggling with homelessness on the streets, in hostels and day centres, to listen to their needs for creative activity.  We create & facilitate that creative activity to help their mental wellbeing, help them re-engage with the amazing support services out there and, hopefully, help them off the streets and into their own home.

“We value those people and organisations that share our vision of caring for others, helping those that help others, getting stuck in and getting things done. When Ben and 42’s Records offered to support our ‘Creative Change’ project it was exactly what we were about. Greater Manchester’s musicians, artists, writers & designers – Our Creative Community – stepping up, getting involved and taking positive action.

With the arrival of Covid-19 we soon realised that the project needed to be expanded to include other people who had become isolated, especially the elderly. 

Every CD, T-shirt or poster you buy provides us with the funds to expand and develop this work across the whole of Our Greater Manchester”

MancMade®️ actively supports and promotes Greater Manchester based creative talent in The Arts, Entertainment and Business, through our social channels (#MancMade), production company, podcasts and MancMade®️ (Mcr) CIC  Paul Ludden, MancMade®️ Founder, Co- founder The MancSpirit Charity, “The MancMade /// Acts of Hope Album has taken a huge effort from Ben Guy, (narcissus) Phil Morris and Andy Wood (42’s Records). When Andy called me to say they’d like to support the charity by putting together an Album we had a chat about the artists we could approach. From the start it was massively important to me that this album had a fair chunk of new, up and coming artists involved. The 18 tracks they’ve come up with absolutely backs that up and they’ve even managed to get a few Manchester legends involved too.

Our City, by Dave Viney, is especially poignant for both me and Damian. It’s been the unofficial anthem for the MancSpirit Charity since day one. Hearing Dave’s beautiful words now backed up by an amazing narcissus track sums up everything about this Album and everyone who has helped to bring it to life”.


Artists and tracks: 

1. Show Me The Truth – Gaz Whelan and. Rowetta feat. Suga Mike

2. Neighbours – ARGH KiD

3. Exist – IST IST 

4. Camden – Jess Kemp 

5. Oxford Street – Narrow Margin 

6. No-one Talks – Jake Fletcher 

7. The Priest – Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake

8. Itksuarpok (UNE remix) – UNE (Mark Radcliffe and Paul Langley)  

9. When I Arrived It Was Raining – Diving Station 

10. Piano Sylogtr7 – Rebelski 

11. Sleep – Déjà Vega 

12. Wanderlust – James Holt 

13. Never Wanted This – LIINES 

14. 302: Come The Revolution-Thieves Will Die! – MANRAy (Ft. Peter Hook)

15. Wolves – Brix & The Extricated 

16. Car Crash (Kerbside mix) – Factory Acts 

17. Give Me Some Space – Space Monkeys 

18. Our City – Dave Viney & narcissus

Artwork & Sleeve Design by 

Paul Evans / Painted Papillon Smile



42’s Records

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