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Little Kid – Shares New Single & Signing to Solitaire Recordings

April 18, 2020

Little Kid

Sign To Solitaire Recordings (Common Holly/Kate Davis)

Share ‘Thief On The Cross’

Operating since 2011, Little Kid is Toronto-based band led by songwriter Kenny Boothby. Despite never signing to a label, Little Kid has built a cult audience through performances with artists like Car Seat Headrest, Horse Jumper of Love, Fog Lake and Half Waif, and a prolific output of idiosyncratic home recordings, that range from more traditional albums and EPs to projects like 2019’s Botched Restorations – on which Boothby sold out a run of one-of-a-kind 60 minute cassettes that each contained 10 songs from his discography, chosen by the purchaser and recorded live to tape in his bedroom.

Little Kid have announced their signing with a label for the first time, working with buzzing Brooklyn indie Solitaire Recordings (Kate Davis, Common Holly) to release a soon to be announced album that sees a rare songwriting talent deliver on the promise of his earlier work on an expanded scale.

To mark the signing the band are sharing a new single entitled “Thief On The Cross.” The track is a succinct illustration of the depth of the band’s songwriting, seeing Boothby use a clever biblical allusion in the service of earnest reflection on creative work and a bit of joking self-deprecation. Positioning himself as the penitent thief who, while crucified beside Christ, asks that Christ remember him when He gets to heaven, Boothby re-purposes the idea to address feelings of jealousy within music communities and the perceived obligation of more successful artists to help out newer ones with the line: “praying you’ll remember me / when you finally reach / the entrance to eternity / I played in that old three piece / we opened for thee / way back in 2015.”

The song is about certain bands finding success while others don’t,” Boothby explains. “Feelings of jealousy that might sprout from that, some perceived obligations for more successful bands to help out the newer ones, the awkwardness that can come from shifts in those power dynamics… but it’s definitely very tongue in cheek. I’m kind of poking fun at myself a bit, kinda praying some bands we have played with will somehow take us along with them to the promised land as they gain more success and exposure.”

The new single is a refreshing wave of musical dynamism. Addictive and dripping in melody from the get-go, a perfect introduction to such a promising and harmonious powerful band.

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