Jenny O. signs to Mama Bird Recording Co. and shares “God Knows Why” – New album “New Truth” out June 19th

April 12, 2020
Photo Credit: Jenny O.



L.A. songwriter Jenny O. is the newest member of the Mama Bird Recording Co. family.

They are announcing her signing and the forthcoming album New Truth  (out June 19) today  with the vibrant psychedelic grunge-pop song “God Knows Why”. The track begins with Jenny recounting the terrifying experience of suddenly going deaf in her right ear.

“I’m in mono now forever, it was there and now it’s gone”, she sings before lamenting, “and God knows why.” The refrain of “God knows why” can be a moment of acceptance, resignation, or a pleading for some understanding; but in Jenny’s hands, it’s all of those things and none of them. It is the existential thread that leads to a New Truth. 

Over the past decade, Jenny O. has sung on recordings by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Father John Misty, Conor Oberst and Jonathan Wilson. She’s also toured with an even broader range of artists, including FJM, Rodriguez, Leon Russell, and most recently, Faye Webster. She was slated to tour with Vanessa Carlton throughout April and June, but those dates have been postponed.

For now, hear Jenny’s debut single for Mama Bird Recording Co. here and find more at FLOOD Magazine. Read her statements on the new single and the album below. 

Pre-order/save the album HERE.

Jenny on the single “God Knows Why”:I wrote “God Knows Why” after going deaf in one ear and asking why perplexing things happen — fate, cause and effect. When I lost my hearing, a doctor said, “God took it.” Something happened to me neurologically, but here we are. Why do people behave against their own interests? Why do some people survive and others don’t? NEW TRUTH has to do with coming to terms with a New Reality, what is and what will be now that things have changed or information has come to light. Feels accurate in this period of adjustment and great sadness.  

Jenny on her forthcoming album New Truth

:Hey,Here’s my new album, it’s called ‘New Truth’. New Truth is coming to terms with my deaf ear. It’s any new accepted reality. It’s the hilarious way I wore my hair for a week before cutting it away from my face. The songs are as personal as ever–continued misadventures of an introvert in Hollywood. I think it’s relatable – heartache and epiphany – I hope people like it?I’m singing lower sometimes, I always assumed I’d move back into my lower register, I finally have. Hard to get power that way, but I don’t sound like a little kid. I’ll have to practice singing them a lot, and it will be trickier to pull off live.I recorded this album with Kevin Ratterman, who is so fast, so patient, willing to try anything, and so much fun. It was important to me to have a good time while making it, and we did.I played all the guitars on this record. I wanted to channel the freedom of the Home and Work EPs, but recorded way better. I took solos! I played bass, except Rachel Goodrich did the funkier two songs because her time is better than mine. The past couple albums were tracked live to tape with a rhythm section, so someone would quickly learn something great and close to my demo but not exactly. I wanted to play bass this time.Kevin set up his nice microphone at my place so I could do all my vocals alone while he was making another record. It’s the best way–much faster and more free to experiment by myself. Building harmonies on a whole album with an engineer can get frustrating, communicating between each take.Ok I got to go take this little black dog on a walk.

See you soon,Jenny O.

Mama Bird Recording Co. is a Portland, Ore. based record label committed to exceptional songcraft. Founded in 2011, their catalog includes acclaimed releases from Damien Jurado, Haley Heynderickx, Vetiver, Courtney Marie Andrews, Saintseneca, Izaak Opatz, Barna Howard, Matt Dorrien, Myriam Gendron and KERA, among others.

New Truth


1. God Knows Why 

2. I Don’t Want to Live Alone Anymore

3. Color Love

4. Old Habits

5. What About That Day

6. Not My Guy

7. Even if I Tried

8. Small Talk

9. Psychedelic Love

10. A Different Kind of Life

11. Hard to Say

12. Seek Peace

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