Experimental-pop artist SCOTT HARDWARE shares new video ‘MILLIONAIRE’

April 2, 2020

Experimental-pop artist SCOTT HARDWARE shares new video ‘MILLIONAIRE’

This Friday, Toronto’s Scott Hardware will be releasing Engel, his second full-length album, and first on Telephone Explosion Records. It will mark the end of a three-year process of writing, recording and letting down his guard (for better or worse.) 
Millionaire swoops in on a courtship doomed from the beginning: “He’s a Millionaire, and what a Millionaire says goes”. A sense of inferiority follows the protagonist in his efforts date a richer man than himself – the romance being cut short because of the poorer man’s insecurities. He decides: Better to be alone than to feel beneath. 

Millionaire is the most delicate song on Engel. Sullen guitars glide over a rolling plain of harps, drones and underwater motifs with Deidre Nox’s beautiful vocals bringing an almost camp level of melodrama to its crescendo as Hardware and Nox sing together: “you can feel him like he’s always been there.” The song ends on a sour note, in a swamp of drones and fallen electrical wire buzzes – and back where the protagonist began. 
The video for Millionaire, directed by Scott & Monica Moraru, follows Scott through a decades-long fixation on a very memorable one-night-stand. We trail him through the years while ruminations of the encounter both bright and melancholic play in his memory on loop. Cyclical thoughts of power and pleasure aren’t the only things that repeat, however, and both Scott and his lover will eventually find their own way to relieve the encounter.

By the end we’re looking two ways: forward towards a potential (or parallel?) future, and behind us to a past this is rooted in something stronger than the passing of time – an archetype.”


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