ELIO shares new single Body Language ahead of debut EP

April 27, 2020

ELIO releases her new single ‘Body Language’. Exploring similar themes as her debut single ‘My Friends Online’, ‘Body Language’ is about the difficulties of pursuing a relationship online when kept apart by distance. Over a skittish, pulsing beat ELIO laments how hard it is to read another person over text: “Read 12:05, in a hotel five hours behind… don’t wanna talk through satellite”, once again proving herself not only a skilled songwriter, musician and producer, but as an auteur of her generation’s increasingly virtual lives and relationships. 

Speaking about the track, ELIO explains “‘Body Language’ is about texting and not being able to grasp the real emotion behind certain things. My boyfriend is also a musician, so since we began dating, distance and communication has kind of been this constant hurdle we’ve had to overcome. He tours a lot and I’m in LA a lot so most of our relationship is lived out through texting and calls. There’ll be times where one of us makes a joke that’ll land in person but because we can’t see the emotion that’s behind it, it gets misinterpreted to be something it’s not over text. That, along with just generally being separated by time and space, I think, can be a massive strain on a relationship and it takes a lot of energy and emotion to figure out. ‘Body Language’ is me assessing that and trying to understand it….over a four to the floor dance track.”

Born in Wales, ELIO began writing songs when she moved to Canada as a child. Now based in Toronto, her debut EP is due summer 2020, and is an astute snapshot of her universe as an artist and as a young woman; moving, growing, and learning, trying to keep up with the fast-paced world around her.

Listen to ‘My Friends Online’ here

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