Charlie Burg shares new single + video via FADER label; “Channel Orange In Your Living Room” is out now

April 22, 2020
Painting: Ana Leovy (Instagram: @analeovy_art)
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Brooklyn-based, Metro-Detroit-bred singer-songwriter, Charlie Burg, shares new single and video, “Channel Orange In Your Living Room,” out now via FADER Label. After previously sharing three EPs, his last EP, Three, Fever, grabbed the attention of major tastemakers at Beats1Spotify (including playlists like Lorem, Pollen and Fresh Finds) and more. He also just toured with Ashe, Jeremy Zucker, and Moonchild. Burg is only 23-years-old and the list of accomplishments continues to stack up.

As one of FADER Label’s newest artists, Variety describes Burg as “an R&B-leaning singer-songwriter who attended Syracuse University’s music-business program,” and Music Business Worldwide reports that he “has amassed millions of streams across Spotify and Apple Music. Burg has sold out headlining shows in New York and Los Angeles.”

The new single and video, “Channel Orange In Your Living Room,” is especially unprecedented in origin. The song was recorded live in one room and in one take. That one take can be seen live in the music video and heard on the track that is now streaming. The close-up frames in the video let Burg’s facial expressions tell the story, while soft light flickers behind him, creating an intimate warmth meant to reflect and create the nostalgia of the song’s meaning.

On the song, Burg says:
“Channel Orange In Your Living Room is about the unique power of music to be a “moment freezer,” so to speak. Sometimes music feels liquid; it takes on both the shape and essence of the space in which it is experienced, and that is where it will live forever in one’s memory.

When I listen to Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange and I visualize a season or an age or a person, that’s going to be very different from what you see. This inherent shape-shifting quality of music fascinates me. I want people to hear my song and allow it to take the shape of their living room – which is to say, their space.”

Matt Wilksinson of Beats 1, who premiered “Channel Orange In Your Living Room,” says the new single is Burg’s “most self-assured track yet.”
Beyond the new single, Burg recently did a private Zoom meet & greet with fans, where he matched all donations and raised over $1000 for City Harvest. Additionally, Burg plans to continue releasing songs along with furthering his work in writing sessions, all with the aim of continuing to hone his singular songwriting abilities.

“I want people to know that every and any story can be interesting if you find the narrative in it,” he explains regarding his artistic—and humanistic—aims. “Some songwriters might lack confidence in their own story, but the fact is that their lives are the stories that no one else owns. When people hear my music, I want them to be able to look inside themselves and realize there’s life, art, and beauty in everything.”

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