Bill Nace Shares New Video For “Part 8”- Directed by Lee Ranaldo

April 21, 2020
Photo by Chelsea Hogue

Bill Nace Shares New Video For “Part 8”- Directed by Lee Ranaldo

Bill Nace‘s forthcoming album Both due May 22nd via Drag City, comes to an elegiac conclusion with “Part 8”. Described as a lick of vibrato drives a funereal procession of feedback-edged single notes, evoking pensive introspection,

The new release is available to hear below.

Transmitting the boundless creative depths of which artists like Rhys Chatham, Henry Flynt and Ellen Fullman have journeyed, “Part 8″ is another night in the far firmament of Both‘s fantastic solo guitar voyage. 

Charged particles of minimal techno and neo-dub reverberate through this spare passage, allowing the space heard behind the playing to drift into the foreground with vacant, amp-buzzy glory. Nace‘s morse-code of melody possesses a spectral yet terrestrial magnetic pull, which you’ll feel as you listen on repeat!

For this latest pre-release single from BothBill enlisted the handiwork of one Lee Ranaldo to turn it into a music video.  Lee commented:

“Recently I had been stepping up my game a bit in the video-editing department. I’ve always liked putting small movies together, and took up the challenge of increasing my (still limited!) tech skillz, and learning some new software programs. Bill and I were backstage somewhere (back when that was possible) and he was telling me about his upcoming release. I offered my services and he accepted and sent me the tracks. I’ve not often made video pieces for other than my own works, and was excited by the idea, and humbled that Bill trusted me to make something, sight-unseen.

I was struck by the ambient, drifting quality of the music – it wasn’t what I expected. I had these 2 small movies of birds flying over a deep blue sky that I’d taken on a bike ride in Prospect Park (back when such things were possible). I knew I wanted to use them in some way, but until Bill offered I couldn’t figure out what the context would be. So I took these 2 short movies and used them to create the video I constructed for Bill’s “Part 8”. I had recently photographed some silhouettes of birds from the back of a book I found in a Bed & Breakfast I was staying at up in Ithaca NY (back when such things were possible), and I grabbed some of these and constructed the crude stop-animation of birds in flight that is nested (ha) within the film. I thought the repetitive nature of the images I put together somehow fit the feeling I got listening to Bill’s “Part 8”. “

Lee Ranaldo
New York City (in virus)
April 2020

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