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Biig Piig announces new single ‘Switch’

April 1, 2020

Biig Piig releases new single, ‘Switch’
Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World

Biig Piig has today released her incredible new single ‘Switch’, which received its first play on Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World, and is available now on RCA.

 Jess’ first new music of the year comes of the back of a breakout 2019 for Biig Piig, which included the completion of her trilogy of formative EPs with ‘No Place For Patience, Vol.3’, and sold-out European tour dates at the likes of Village Underground and Hackney’s EartH.

The multi-cultural, multi-lingual 21-year-old has built up a suitably-broad global audience along the way, including vocal fans like Billie Eilish and support across the board at Radio 1, 6Music, and 1xtra. With live plans to follow soon, Biig Piig is currently taking Spanish classes on her Instagram as well as delivering bedtime stories on her Stories. 

Channelling elements of punk, drum & bass and the fluidity of modern pop, ‘Switch’ is both a disruptive left-turn and also (in its tender vocal, and confessional lyric) immediately true to Biig Piig. As chaotic as it is cathartic, ‘Switch’ is a song – says Jess – “about the tension, helplessness and pressure that the world is under right now. The beat and lyrics to me represents the fast pace of how the world is falling apart, and the anxious undertone of it all.” 

Even in the volatile world in (and outside) of ‘Switch’, listening to Biig Piig frequently feels like a tonic. A singer, rapper and storyteller, Jess’ quiet wisdom and brutally frank way with millenial life captures her generation in part thanks to her nomadic, outsider upbringing around it. The oldest of four, Jess was born in Cork but spent her formative years in Spain, before moving to West London and later working as a poker dealer. Despite speaking English at home, Biig Piig initially only knew how to read and write in Spanish, a rocky transition through which eventually she found her people. These proved to be college-mates NiNE8 Collective, the eight-person-strong network of London-based creatives which Jess founded alongside Lava La Rue (and are now at the epicentre of London nightlife). And from early tracks like ‘Vice City’ – as debuted on COLORS – to her trilogy of EPs thus far, Biig Piig has emerged a vivid writer on relationship power-dynamics, identity, and how to navigate the changing world around us. 

In 2020 Biig Piig appears liberated to explore all the corners of her sound – from hip-hop, disco and R&B to the high-energy of ‘Switch’ – and all corners of her soul, too. Because if ‘Switch’ acts as a snapshot of what it feels like to be young and overwhelmed, Jess’ story to date actually looks like a cause for optimism. She has learned the importance of being “your own country, your own refuge”, and found the sort of worldwide community that can only emerge from a shared feeling of helplessness. It’s an attitude that’s always been there in the alias of Biig Piig itself, which Jess found when reading it drunk off a pizza menu, and relating to the sense that we’re all, secretly, a little bit of a mess. In the world of ‘Switch’, we’re all Biig Piigs, but we’re in this together. 

LISTEN to ‘Switch’:

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