ASIWYFA’s Rory Friers Releases New Album As Beach Comber -“Parting Cuts” Out Now

April 24, 2020

Beach Comber releases full album Parting Cuts 

And So I Watch You From Afar guitarist/vocalist Rory Friers’ soaring solo album

Though it’s a ‘solo project,’ his debut album Parting Cuts has the kind of grand, baroque pop arrangements that it put it in the lineage of ensemble albums like Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper’s.” — Brooklyn Vegan

Belfast, Northern Ireland guitarist/vocalist in And So I Watch You From Afar (Sargent House) and film score composer Rory Friers has released his solo album under the name Beach Comber, following an advance stream via Brooklyn Vegan. A very personal project that was never intended for release, Rory found new relevance in Parting Cuts in these times of lockdown, and has decided to release it to the world. 

Listen to the enchanting new release in full below:

This record was never really meant to be heard by a lot of people,” Friers says. “It was made in a little makeshift studio near the beach on the north coast of Antrim and it was made with only two people in mind. It was about that soreness you get in your belly when you’re missing the people you love most in the world and the pride in seeing the best in human spirit come out when it’s most needed. I’d been feeling those things more than ever right now so decided it was the right time to put them out”

Rory spends most of his time between scoring films and touring the world with instrumental rockers And So I Watch You From Afar. But during some time off a few years ago he moved himself into a small attic room in a remote farmhouse above the cliffs of north Antrim to make an album as a gift to his sister Ciara and her husband Dara on their wedding day. The room contained little more than a bed, a chair and a desk — he brought little more than his guitar and a microphone, his laptop and a few of boxes of stuff to shake and bang.

He spent the next two weeks writing and recording a collection of songs inspired by a beautiful yet heart breaking year travelling the world that Ciara and Dara had just returned home from. It was to be a year of happiness and sadness, love and loss, seeing new lands, tragically losing people they loved, holding hope, battling through, keeping on.
Rory based these songs on their experiences, he wrote songs for each turn, each step of the journey. He has woven music to tell the story.

He wrote, recorded, performed, mixed and mastered the these in just a couple weeks, a snap shot of a very special time. This is a love story in many ways, a collection of thoughtfully constructed songs full of themes of family, of separation, of loss and ultimately of reuniting, themes that seemed pertinent enough right now to be the catalyst to release this very personal record in this moment we’re all enduring.

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