Art Feynman shares second single, “The Physical Life of Marilyn” from forthcoming album, out 26th June on Western Vinyl

April 30, 2020
Art Feynman by Aubrey Trinnaman
Art Feynman
shares second single
“The Physical Life of Marilyn”
from forthcoming album
Half Price at 3:30

Out June 26 on Western Vinyl

Art Feynman (aka accomplished recording artist and producer Luke Temple) shares “The Physical Life of Marilyn” the second single from Half Price at 3:30 which premiered on FLOOD who wrote “Musically it’s as unique as anything we’ve come to expect from Temple, who drowns out the sound of his Auto-Tuned voice with clattering electronic instrumention. The track escalates into surreal territory, before signing off with programmed guitar noodling.”

“The Physical Life of Marilyn” drives home the album’s thesis, serving as an example of Temple’s capacity to tell stories with immersive emotional fidelity, wherein he slips between character study and autobiography with ease. The song is cyclical and affecting, with churning layers of guitar and bass which prolong each section as though Feynman is approaching personal truths with difficulty. Here he seems to be perpetually hiking uphill, hesitant to reach the summit for fear of the bittersweet journey ending; he admits that the song arose out of indecision about whether to end a relationship, or have children with the other person, whose window in which to do so was quickly closing.  A digitized guitar solo ushers us to the emergency exit.

Half Price at 3:30 by Art Feynman is due for release on June 26, 2020 via Western Vinyl. As Feynman, Temple uses his dual persona like a needle and thread to stitch art pop, Nigerian highlife, worldbeat, and other less-heard genres into a musical quilt that displays his unmistakable guile and eccentric songcraft.

Half Price at 3:30 is the pinnacle of Temple’s unique ability to make songs that side-smile while pointing out the emotional sinkholes that whirl beneath the most overlooked, seemingly commonplace scenarios.  Temple, or rather Feynman, is able to see the bizarre in the banal, and on Half Price he lends us his decoder glasses so we might glimpse it for ourselves. As effortlessly as he inhabits his Art Feynman character he also slips into the lives of other personalities both living and fictional, spinning lyrical vignettes of off kilter human interest. Where previous entries in the Luke Temple discography –  including his former group Here We Go Magic – have utilized organic timbres even while sailing far from the guitar-and-drums shore, Half Price sees him employing drum machines, slightly glossier production, and even autotune with a tasteful balance that suggests these tools have been in his kit all along. The result affectionately evokes guerrilla recording predecessors like Francis Bebey, Arthur Russell, and Haruomi Hosono in musicological detail, yet it’s Temple’s hard-won creative voice that resounds over top of it all facing Half Price forward instead of nostalgically backward.

“The Physical Life Of Marilyn” follows lead single “I’m Gonna Miss Your World” which accompanied the album announcement earlier this month. “A groovy number about missing someone and all the things that surround them,” according to Temple, the single was accompanied by a stop-animation video premiered by The FADER and directed by Caroline Sallee aka musician Caroline Says.

Pre-Order Half Price at 3:30, out June 26 on Western Vinyl

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