April 29, 2020

New digital single out now via Spacebomb Records

Virginia artist Andy Jenkins shares a brand-new track featuring Nashville artist Erin Rae via Spacebomb (Natalie Prass, Matthew E White). “Far Away From Here” is soulful and lilting, steeped in hazy guitars, sprawling piano and an uplifting sense of ease. “Far Away From Here” is available to stream or download now.

Speaking about the new track, Andy Jenkins said: “Far Away from Here is a song about the after images of love, remembering those free and easy times, heightened emotions and lengthening shadows. It also describes the realization – after love is gone – of feeling pretty alright. I pictured someone at the end of a long day of traveling, who realized they felt good for the first time in a while. ‘I don’t mind the way I felt today, far away from here.’ What’s the saying? Distance makes the heart grow.

We tracked last summer to tape at Spacebomb Studios with four of my favorite musicians: Pinson Chanselle, Cameron Ralston, Alan Good Parker & Jacob Ungerleider. I produced a song of my own for the first time. Erin Rae recorded vocals in Nashville. Her last record Putting on Airs was a personal revelation, beautifully crafted, cutting and calm. I feel lucky that she is singing on this track.”

The talented musician released his debut album Sweet Bunch in 2018 to acclaim from MOJO, Uncut, Stereogum and more, followed by The Garden Opens EP in 2019 and tours with Courtney Marie Andrews and Molly Burch. Andy originates from the same small scene of independent Virginia youth culture that produced artists like Justin Frye (PC Worship) Natalie Prass, and Matthew E. White, all friends from his teenage years. His music descends from a tradition of Southern culture – unhurried in its art and unworried by industry demands. Jenkins paints a wide Virginia landscape with each song, catching the mood of a sun setting on a fine day spent amongst friends and favoured creatures. Co-writing credits include songs on Matthew E. White’s cult classic Big Inner, and the track “Cool Out” featured in the Netflix hit
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Erin Rae:

Gifted with a unique ability to fuse musical genres and influences to craft songs that feel fresh and wholly her own, with her new album Putting On Airs(2018, Single Lock Records), Erin Rae has thrown down a direct challenge to the stereotype of what a Southern singer should be. Both lyrically and sonically, she strikes a fiercely independent chord, proudly releasing a deeply personal record that reflects her own upbringing in Tennessee, including the prejudices and injustices that she witnessed as a child that continue to impact her life to this day.

According to Rae, “this album was born out of a need to do some healing work in my personal life, in order to address some fears and patterns of mine to allow my true feelings to come to the surface.”

Recorded in the dead of winter in an old Franciscan monastery on Wisconsin’s Fox River, the isolated environment created the perfect setting for Rae and her bandmates to track these genre-busting songs, using the chapel and other unique spaces within the cavernous building to explore new sonic boundaries, all while continuing to showcase the hypnotic vocals and song-serving restraint that have become her trademark.

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