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The Guru Guru – ‘Point Fingers’ Album Review | Gavin Brown

March 2, 2020

The Guru Guru

Point Fingers

The Guru Guru combine alt rock, math rock, post rock and even touches of noise laden hardcore with a series of catchy overtones to create a memorable collection of tunes on their new album Point Fingers. The Belgian band follow up 2017s P C H E W with this latest opus and the results more than live up to the momentum the band gained from that start.

Opening number Mache is a laid back start to proceedings and displays the bands more melodic leanings to create an easy-going start to this listening experience but as soon as the following track Chramer jolts into life, things start to take turn after turn into more explorative and exciting territories. 

Tracks like Ex Alexander, Delaware and Skidoo definitely show off The Guru Gurus more progressive side, a side that is wrapped up with lots of twists and turns. There are shades of post punk and new wave in there but the math rock and alt rock is still at the heart of the bands sound but this mixing of influences makes the songs explode with life. Point Figures takes an interesting turn afterwards though with the appearance of the mournful and minimal And I’m Singing Aren’t I, which really shows its heart and when it is followed up by the equally as mournful but defiantly heavier Origamiwise , then it is obvious that this is an album that reflects many different moods and emotions.

The album ends with the abrasive discordance of This Knee On Ice and Powerbrigade and this conclusion definitely shows the power of the bands’ music. 

Point Fingers is the sound of a band making moves and exploring exactly where their music can go and with this album, The Guru Guru have demonstrated different concepts in sound and have seen their ideas in sound realized in cracking fashion. 

The Guru Guru‘Point Fingers’ out now via Luik Records / Grabuge Records



Words: Gavin Brown

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