Søren Lorensen (Aqualung & Goldfrapp members) unveil their new single ‘Swallow’

March 20, 2020

Søren Lorensen

Release new single ‘Swallow’

Debut album ‘Lake Constance’ released 3rd April

‘Swallow’ is the new single from the ‘orchestral bedroom-pop’ project of Matt Hales and Davide Rossi, two of the invisible hands behind some of the last decades best music through their work with Lianne La Havas, Coldplay, Bat For Lashes and Goldfrapp amongst many others. 

‘Swallow’ is another crushingly beautiful track from the duo, and once again sees them team up with illustrator Marc Corrigan who expertly pairs the music with a bleak story of a car crash and subsequent recovery – always focusing on the smaller, incidental moments and finding meaning there.

There are many reasons people end up in bands together: friendship, musical similarities, a shared acquaintance or simply the desire to find anyone that can play drums. Rarely is knitwear an instigating factor however. “I really liked the jumper he was wearing that his mum had made him,” says Matt Hales, who also performs as Aqualung and has written and produced songs for countless artists from Lianne La Havas to Bat for Lashes. He’s speaking about the day he was introduced to Davide Rossi, a string arranger and composer who’s remarkable CV runs from Stockhausen to Fripp & Eno to Coldplay and Alicia Keys via 13 years with Goldfrapp.

Rossi sent over a library of string loops to Hales, cast-offs and unused parts that he had assembled, and Hales was immediately drawn in by both the tone and quality. “It was instantaneously gripping,” he says. “They were all exquisitely made and beautiful sounding – normally you don’t get access to that kind of quality work without really paying for it or it being a massive undertaking. Every single little snippet was so evocative.”

Much like the music itself, the band’s name is something that has spawned into its own story and identity. After initially imagining this music to resemble the output of a solitary Icelandic man, they began to throw around names to match this image. Hales’ kids had been watching the TV show Charlie and Lola in which Lola’s best friend is an imaginary person called Søren Lorensen. The name struck as both fittingly Nordic but also captured the unique and almost mysterious element to the record existing partly in another world. Charlie and Lola creator Lauren Child was commissioned to illustrate the album artwork.

Søren Lorensen ‘Lake Constance’ tracklisting: 1. Furrows, 2. Escape Goat, 3. Bones, 4. Dead Disco, 5. Swallow, 6. Dirty Threes, 7. Time Machine, 8. Growing Up Grey in a Black and White World, 9. Walker, 10. Glow

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