DENAI MOORE Announces New Album ‘Modern Dread’ out 3rd July via Because Music – Hear New Single ‘Cascades’

March 14, 2020






Denai Moore’s astonishing new album Modern Dread finds the convention-defying singer/ songwriter exorcising personal demons while also voicing her concerns for the world at large, a daring exercise in micro versus macro that pays off richly in what is a dazzling step forward in artistry. 

Modern Dread follows on from the critically hailed 2017 album We Used To Bloom, but represents a delicious quantum leap in her career, a unique blend of quixotic beats and introspective, sometimes harrowing songwriting which will undoubtedly stamp Moore as one of the most original talents we have around right now. For instance, To The Brink, the first taste of Modern Dread, uses hair raising lyrics and gloriously rough edged vocals to push against the constant overload that we feel from every direction in society today. 

But it’s with new single Cascades that Moore’s troubled, troubling worldview is so perfectly encapsulated. As she sings about literally getting engulfed in sadness and depression, the sonic background shifts from optimistic to ominous, ending in a haunting, slowed down acapella outro. The video too, is equal parts nightmarish and surrealist, fantastical and bizarre, with Moore searching for a way out of a dystopian maze, before finally freeing herself. Read quotes from Denai and director Samuel Douek below.

Modern Dread is Moore’s journey, truly a discovery of self – the latest statement from a fascinating artist who continues to surprise.

Modern Dread will be released digitally and via Eco coloured vinyl – pioneered by vinyl manufacturer Modo, this clever idea uses up leftover coloured pellets from previous vinyl runs, mixes them together and produces a run of randomised ‘lucky-dip’ colour vinyl. This cuts down on waste and can also result in some impressive colours as every single record pressed with the Eco-Mix has its own individual colour and effect.

Read what Denai has to say about the Cascades video – 

“I really wanted the Cascades video to translate like a weird, surreal dream. The song is about feeling visceral sadness and being too caught up in your own headspace. 

Sam and I collaborated on the concept of me literally melting myself as a kind of metaphorical self-destruction. Sam cast my face the night before the shoot and it really put me into the headspace of the world we were creating. 

Sonically this song was tricky to work on.  Alex and I did a lot of crazy modular twisted noises, but ended up stripping it back and have tinkles of noise in the song.  In the ending of the song, we actually slow it down a couple of bpm and the outro is acappella.”

And director Samuel Douek – 

“With Cascades, we follow Denai as she descends into deeper levels of her subconscious. She is both trying to lose herself in this bizarre world and looking to find herself by uncovering her own face (or mask) which ultimately frees her from her mind. 

I was very much inspired by surrealist films from the 1930s and high fashion photographers like Tim Walker and approached the film from an architectural perspective, planning a large scale inflatable in which to house the different distorted domestic scenes.” 

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