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CLT DRP Share New Remix “Where The Boys Are” – Produced by Cal from DITZ | PINK​.​fruit Remix

March 13, 2020

CLT DRP Share New Remix “Where The Boys Are”

Produced by Cal from DITZ / PINK​.​fruit Remix

What happens when you take 2 well established, equally talented acts and throw in a remix collaboration? Only one of the most ground-breaking reworks of 2020.

CLT DRP have teamed up with Cal, the well known enigmatic front person and vocalist from noise merchants DITZ who has produced the remix of their audacious composition “Where The Boys Are“.

It goes without saying CLT DRP demand your full attention throughout their instrumentations, but with added urgency on the remix “Where The Boys Are” crushes all boundaries and fiercely dominates all.

This brash, bold and somewhat beautiful remix can be found streaming below-

Speaking to the CLT DRP team they shared further info on the new collaboration

“Cal has completely deconstructed WTBA and turned it into an industrial noise assault. So intense yet sparse… you won’t understand why your body is moving like it is when listening to this… some things are best unknown”

CLT DRP are a wild force. A courageous trio conquering all with their aggressive electro punk attributes. Last month the abrasive act joined forces with Small Pond. With the announcement of their new home, CLT DRP also shared details of their debut album Without The Eyes set for release 15th May.

Last month the band released the video for their lead single ‘Where The Boys Are’ which you can see in full below:

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Drama in Greece, and Southampton, UK, respectively, band members Annie, Daphne and Scott collectively make up CLT DRP—the unknowing rebuttal to rehashed punk, f*cked up social notions and modern, illiberal backlash. Described as drawing influence from musically-diverse acts ranging from The Prodigy, ho99o9, and Death Grips to Meshuggah, with a splash of Peaches thrown into the mix for good measure, CLT DRP’s following is as broad as their music. Wherever they play, audiences are blown away by the energy and intensity they bring to their live performances. 

Essentially- CLT DRP are challenging our current musical genres, creating something uniquely their own and will become your new favourite band.

Pre-order the forthcoming album now: https://smallpond.plctrmm.to/WTBA



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