CHAD VANGAALEN releases album ‘Odds & Sods 2’ on Bandcamp with all proceeds to benefit Sweet Relief COVID-19 fund

March 20, 2020


– Drops album ‘Odds & Sods 2’
– Available now through Bandcamp
– All proceeds to benefit Sweet Relief COVID-19 fund

Sub Pop artist Chad VanGaalen has released ‘Odds & Sods 2’, an 8 track album that is available today through Bandcamp. All proceeds from the release of the album will benefit Sweet Relief COVID-19 fund

Odds & Sods 2 is a lovingly assembled compilation of unreleased B-sides, ultra-rarities and oddball tracks from the last 10 years. Some are tracks that never made the cut for an album, and ended up unreleased or on limited edition cassettes —sometimes only available on the merch table— while others represent the more synth-soaked, experimental side of VanGaalen’s output. 

Fans may recognise “Liquid Expansion”, which was regularly on the set list during touring for  2014’s Shrink Dust — despite not making the cut. The unlikely flute jams of “Origins of the Shard” was also a result of the sessions from that period. “Eating Ciggs” and the blistering VU-jammer “Reformat (Egypto)” were on the shortlist for 2017’s ‘Light Information’“Min Fun” was probably recorded around the same time, and ended up on a very limited tour tape. Garage stomper “Space Dreaming” is maybe the oldest of the tracks, recorded around the time of the 2011 LP ‘Diaper Island’, and rounding out the collection are two recent instrumentals: “Styrofoam Beach Toy,” and “The Last Starfighter’s Napkin.”

Sweet Relief has started a fund specifically for musicians and music industry workers affected by the Coronavirus. Read more about it here:

Odds & Sods 2 track listing:
1. Eating Ciggs
2. Reformat (Egypto)
3.Liquid Expansion
4. Min Fun
5. Origins of the Shard
6. Space Dreaming
7. Styrofoam Beach Toy
8. The Last Starfighter’s Last Napkin

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